3 Steps to Make Website Design SEO-Friendly

Let’s say you have a stunning, well-branded e-commerce site. However, you’re not sure why there’s no organic traffic from Google search results. Or you have the opposite problem – your website contains all the right content and keywords. However, the design tends to be unattractive and as a result, you have poor bounce rates. This is a balancing act all online businesses must face. Not only does a visually appealing and SEO-optimized website help your audience find what they are looking for, but these are both fundamental factors in boosting overall conversion rates. There are steps you can take to improve [...]

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Branding Your Business From A-Z

With so many options for shopping online, e-commerce businesses have a problem with being memorable among their competitors. Branding has the ability to inspire a lasting impression among your customers, but not many companies know how to develop an identity that relates to their target audience. At SEO Brand, we know that branding is not just a logo and a series of graphics. While this is an important part of the process, it ultimately does not tell the story of your company. […]

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Tips for Better User Experience and Site Design

User experience and site design is a tricky thing. Not because the process is inherently complicated, but because you have to put yourself in another person’s assumed non-techie shoes from a user’s perspective. Seamlessly integrating the two together can seem difficult. It’s a combination of solid visuals and successful website pages that not only work, but make sense to your target market. Luckily for you, SEO Brand’s got some tips for creating a better user experience and site design for your e-commerce site. […]

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SEO Case Study: CenterPoint Group, Trusted Procurement Advisor

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, the CenterPoint Group is renowned along the east coast for their ability to provide measurable cost-reduction solutions for companies operating within today’s market. There’s no question as to what the CenterPoint Group does for their clients but their website did not communicate the services they offer to their clients. SEO Brand has set out to create something that better embraces the excellence of the CenterPoint Group, taking a text-based page with very minimal white space, and making it visually dynamic and interactive. […]

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5 Signs it’s Time for a Website Redesign

With digital trends evolving at a steady pace, it’s hard to know when your business needs a website redesign, or when your website needs a much-needed update. When it comes to something as subjective as design, there may even be disagreements among your team about what looks good or feels right. So how are you supposed to know when it’s time for a website redesign? […]

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Placing IM Chat Widgets on Your Website

If you have not heard about this useful tool before, IM (Instant Messaging) chat widgets are installed in websites that want to offer a better customer service appeal to clients. While sending an email can be just as convenient, being able to chat directly with a salesperson can give you an edge over your competition. SEO Brand will outline a few other ways you can use IM chat widgets to increase sales on your website. […]

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