SEO Case Study

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, the CenterPoint Group is renowned along the east coast for their ability to provide measurable cost-reduction solutions for companies operating within today’s market. There’s no question as to what the CenterPoint Group does for their clients but their website did not communicate the services they offer to their clients.

SEO Brand has set out to create something that better embraces the excellence of the CenterPoint Group, taking a text-based page with very minimal white space, and making it visually dynamic and interactive.

We Made the Site More Modern and Added in Features

The CenterPoint Group is a company that centers itself on market intelligence and operational efficiency.  CenterPoint isn’t just a cost-cutting shop.  They tear a business apart and look for the holes to fill in through cost cutting but also through system improvement.   While it is true CenterPoint is a procurement advisor, they also outsource solutions to trusted providers such as SEO Brand.   We began with their main problem: we wanted users to see their messaging clearer.

Our team of SEO specialists and website designers brought this company to a more modern era with sans-serif fonts, added new graphics, and made their site more visually appealing. We also added functional elements, such as a self-scrolling testimonial section to give the company more movement.

design case study

Adding a Virtual Tour

For those wanting to know what the CenterPoint Group delivers right off the bat, we created a pyramid of solutions to serve as more than a digital walkthrough. We felt a pyramid best exemplifies how CenterPoint caters to various hierarchies of needs for a business wishing to improve their reach.

The interactive nature of these particular designs make the website truly unique, and gives users a way to literally play with the site and enjoy the visuals. Once you see one unique pyramid piece, you will want to look at the others, extending a user’s interaction time with the CenterPoint page.

branding case study

Improving a website’s overall design and function is absolutely important for SEO purposes. In better painting this picture, we’ve increased website interaction among website visitors by 255%.

The best part is that the changes we made were not drastic. We simply listed to the needs of the client, assessed the needs of their audience, and married these needs together in both website design and functionality.

CenterPoint already is a winning team. By shining a light on what they needed the most, we have placed them in better shape for online success.