YouTube Video Optimization Tips

Admit it – we’ve all gotten distracted by YouTube when we’re supposed to be doing something else. If you’ve been caught watching cute animal videos at work, don’t worry! You’re one of the 800 million viewers that use YouTube on a monthly basis. YouTube is a rich source of videos, whether you want to be entertained or educated. Between 60-100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, which makes for a lot of browsing. YouTube is an incredibly helpful platform to boost your company’s online presence. Getting your video noticed in the midst of the millions of others [...]

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How to Rank for “Near Me” Searches

“Things to do near me” “Restaurants near me” “Hotels near me” Have you ever ranked for a “near me” search? This is better known as local SEO. When people search for a product or service that they need, Google’s algorithm sorts information based on nearby businesses that match those keywords. Ranking your business for searches in your nearby area can drive local revenue towards your company and allow you to reach a broader audience. There are some businesses that don’t need to rank as highly for “near me” searches. These include exclusive online retailers or other companies that aren’t tied [...]

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How Website Speed Impacts SEO Ranking

Website speed is a measurement of how fast the pages load on your website or e-commerce site. A slow-moving website is actually a common problem among businesses, but many are unsure how to solve this problem, especially is they are afraid of “messing up” already existing features or the SEO that is already implemented. However, this is counterintuitive. This is because if a website takes too long to load, your key customers may lose interest and find the same products or services elsewhere. Slow sites may seriously hurt your conversion rates. More than that, did you know that search engines [...]

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5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Writing

Keyword placement is incredibly important in terms of maintaining a good ranking with search engine results, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good copy to get there. Content is king. We hear this phrase so often it may start to lose meaning, but it’s also true. Google recognizes and favors valuable content that is not only searchable, but shareable. This means that the content you write must be written with the intent to either inform, entertain, challenge, or convert your target audience. It must be written well. Just to be clear, the term content can refer to a number of [...]

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Google vs Bing for Search Engine Optimization

It’s no secret that Google is at the forefront of most marketing campaigns today. Websites and content strategies are optimized around Google’s algorithms for businesses to build and maintain a solid online presence. If your website has a high Google rank, then you’re good, right? Not necessarily… Believe it or not, Google has some serious competition with other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo. We know that you are probably thinking, Yahoo? Wasn’t that a 90s thing – right up there with AOL? Does anyone even use Bing? The answer is YES. In fact, it is important to optimize multiple search engines as [...]

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