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How AI Is Ushering in a New Era of Online Marketing

The days of idly speculating about how technology–or artificial intelligence in particular–will upend old ways of working are over. The era of AI is here. And while in many ways, AI has been with us for years already, we’re now at the point of no return. The sci-fi daydream of how tech will change the way we work has become the reality of sorting out what this means for us as marketers. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at where we are with this ever-evolving technology. Welcome to the dawn of digital marketing in the new age of [...]

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The Power of Business Data Visualization for Informed Decision-Making

  In the rapidly changing business world, data-driven decision-making is crucial for success. Business data visualization tools have emerged as a powerful means to transform raw data into meaningful insights, allowing companies to make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of data visualization tools and how they help businesses make better decisions, ultimately leading to increased profits. Understanding Marketing Data Visualization Tools Data visualization tools are software applications that enable users to represent complex data sets visually, making them easier to understand and analyze. These tools have become increasingly important in [...]

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What Is Website Maintenance and Why is it Important?

A visually appealing website design is vital for any business looking to thrive online. However, simply having an aesthetically pleasing site is not enough.  Without proper ongoing maintenance, your website's performance will suffer, impacting its SERP ranking potential, security, and user experience, ultimately resulting in the loss of potential leads and revenue.  In today's digital age, website maintenance is essential. Recurring maintenance ensures that your website runs smoothly, with faster load times and a more enjoyable user experience overall. Regular maintenance can also help protect your website from cyber-attacks and security breaches, instilling trust in your customers and sustaining business [...]

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Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy – 5 Tips for Boosting Sales with SEO

  Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you know what that means: It's time for Black Friday! It's also time to implement a competitive Black Friday marketing strategy to cash in on the uptick in consumer spending that heralds the holiday season. Black Friday. The kickoff to the most wonderful time of the year—rabid consumers lining up outside retail outlets where  adults come to blows over the last discounted toaster and pilfer items from each other’s carts. What are you doing to ensure that your products are a sought-after part of that fray?  Whether you’re an online distributor or brick-and-mortar [...]

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SEO Brand Recognized for Its Top Customer Service

Did you know that just over half of the world’s web traffic comes from organic search results? How about that first search result page gets 91.5% of all the traffic for that search? SEO is as important as ever to get the traffic your business wants. And you want the right agency to make that happen. That’s why we’re proud to be a leading Clutch firm among digital marketing agencies worldwide. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm that allows us to collect feedback from our clients on an objective third-party platform. We recently received a review from [...]

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50 Coronavirus Marketing Tips for Small Businesses (COVID 19)

It is time to get a bit creative and this guide for the top 50 digital marketing tips will help your small business.  Yes these are strange days but the opportunities are all around us.  If you do not have a digital strategy, you are at a disadvantage but it is not too late.  Coronavirus is a black swan event which no one could have expected and a lot of businesses are suffering. In fact, the coronavirus could cost the global economy $2.7 trillion and reports are saying north of $4T is likely.   That said, brands need to [...]

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How to Rank for “Near Me” Searches

“Things to do near me” “Restaurants near me” “Hotels near me” Have you ever ranked for a “near me” search? This is better known as local SEO. When people search for a product or service that they need, Google’s algorithm sorts information based on nearby businesses that match those keywords. Ranking your business for searches in your nearby area can drive local revenue towards your company and allow you to reach a broader audience. There are some businesses that don’t need to rank as highly for “near me” searches. These include exclusive online retailers or other companies that aren’t tied [...]

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Discover How To Increase Conversion Rate Through Optimized Landing Pages

Here’s how to increase the conversion rate: optimize your landing page, find relevant keywords, load the page with interesting content features, and give the user exactly what was promised in the ad text. All of these factors will add up to a single equation that Google ads calculates: quality score. Maybe, you’ve already heard of it? Essentially, the quality score is an algorithm that considers all those factors mentioned above and spits out a numbered score that is used to determine things like Ad rank and your cost-per-click (CPC). In other words, it’s extremely crucial in boosting that conversion [...]

How Blockchain Technology Will Transform Business

Blockchain technology is making a big impact in this world and is set to transform entire industries. From supply chain to aviation, from finance to entertainment, blockchain has already started to produce positive results for businesses. Let me try to break it down for those who keep hearing about this technology as it relates to Bitcoin but trust me, this is way bigger than Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency. With the help of blockchain, you can imagine native payment systems that can function without intermediaries like banks. Think about it. Banks and payment systems need 3 parties to verify transactions, Blockchain eliminates [...]

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Understanding the CBD Market

Where do we stand as digital marketers when it comes to CBD?  A good starting point is to understand what the product is and its potential impact on the global economy. CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is produced from the part of the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent of cannabis that is typically used for medicinal purposes. The production and distribution of hemp derived CBD products are perfectly legal in the United States. Cannabidiol is particularly useful for the treatment of Epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, Schizophrenia, Arthritis, Parkinson's, Anxiety, Depression, and other maladies. The CBD [...]

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