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When it comes to Amazon EDI, the focus is typically on purchase orders and invoices. For many sellers, Amazon is just one place they sell their product, so EDI integration across multiple platforms – Amazon included – is crucial. EDI – or, electronic data interchange – refers to the digital handling of key business documents and communications.

The Amazon marketplace is an amazing platform for sellers looking to reach more consumers and expand their profit potential. As an Amazon seller or vendor, businesses have the ability to target an extensive base of individuals specifically focused on ecommerce purchases. But optimizing performance on Amazon is often easier said than done. And one area that businesses often need a lot of work with: EDI compliance.

At SEO Brand, we can assist your business in EDI compliance and integration with Amazon in order to help you create a seamless exchange in electronic documentation across Amazon and your personal accounting platform. We can also supplement your interactions with Amazon to help you achieve your business goals in the Amazon marketplace and beyond. Our Amazon EDI services are designed to support all Amazon marketplace divisions, including Amazon retail domestically and abroad.


Amazon EDI compliance

When it comes to EDI, as it does with pretty much any other aspect of your typical ecommerce standards, Amazon has their own way of doing things. We’ll help you navigate Amazon’s EDI data formatting requirements to ensure that you are meeting Amazon’s guidelines when it comes to EDI compliance and labeling.

Amazon’s EDI requirements may differ from what you’re used to, but if you want to succeed in the Amazon marketplace, you have to know the rules and how to follow them. SEO Brand’s agency experts can help you optimize your EDI practices for both Amazon Seller Central (a portal for marketing, selling, and shipping directly to Amazon consumers) and Amazon Vendor Central (a portal for selling bulk product to Amazon, which then markets, sells, and ships the product to consumers directly from their distribution centers).

All EDI communications should be automated and streamlined in strict adherence to Amazon’s requirements. In addition to optimizing the exchange of information, you’ll also have to be sure to adhere to Amazon’s labeling and transaction guidelines. Requirements apply to a broad range of purchase-related communications, and include:

(These numbers identify the different types of invoices)

810 Invoice
820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice
830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability
846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice
850 Purchase Order
852 Product Activity Data
855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
856 Ship Notice/Manifest
860 Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated
865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment/Request – Seller Initiated

EDI Automation and Integration

There’s a lot to lose from failing to integrate Amazon EDIs with those of your own business system. When data is entered manually on either end, it runs the risk of accumulating errors, particularly when you’re having to retype purchase data and tracking numbers.

SEO Brand can help you integrate your EDI across multiple platforms with automated assistance that removes the error-prone aspects of manual retyping. We’ll link your Amazon Seller Central portal or Amazon Vendor Central portal directly to your own accounting system so that data seamlessly passes between them in a way that is both accurate and in compliance with Amazon’s EDI requirements. You’ll save time and stress, and won’t have to worry that any important data is getting lost between the systems.

The Big Benefits of Optimized EDI

The better you integrate your purchase documentation and communication between Amazon and your standard accounting platform, the more you have to gain in both your business’s personal performance metrics and the general Amazon marketplace. Automated EDI integration from SEO Brand can help you reduce errors in data entry, deliver products faster, and seamlessly update your inventory status across multiple platforms. That means a better business reputation, more happy customers, and less time and effort spent on manual data entry and fixing mistakes.

The more you’re selling on Amazon, the greater chance of error you have if you’re not integrating your Amazon EDI’s compliance criteria. But even small companies have a lot to gain from EDI compliance and automated integration. No matter your Amazon activity, we’ll help you set up and maintain EDI compliance so that you can do better and sell more in the Amazon marketplace.

Other Amazon Services

Our Amazon expertise goes beyond EDI. In addition to EDI compliance, we can also help you build product pages that are optimized for Amazon’s unique search engine requirements. From images to product descriptions, our team of Amazon SEO experts can work with your business to make sure you’re reaching the biggest consumer base possible and converting your traffic into sales. With $177.9 billion in sales in 2017, (source: Digital Commerce 360) the Amazon marketplace can’t be ignored if you’re trying to maximize your ecommerce presence, performance, and profits.

Learn More About Amazon EDI Compliance with SEO Brand

Ready to make your life a whole lot easier? We’ll get you set up with automated Amazon EDI integration that will eliminate human errors from your purchase documentation and get orders done right and done quickly. To get started, give us a call at 800-262-5023 or send us an email at info@seobrand.net.