Branding Your Business From A-Z

With so many options for shopping online, e-commerce businesses have a problem with being memorable among their competitors. Branding has the ability to inspire a lasting impression among your customers, but not many companies know how to develop an identity that relates to their target audience. At SEO Brand, we know that branding is not just a logo and a series of graphics. While this is an important part of the process, it ultimately does not tell the story of your company. […]

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Finding Profit Through Facebook Advertising

Social media connects your business with the world. It does this in a variety of ways. From simple concepts such as likes, comments, and shares, to more complex features like reviews and calls-to-action, Facebook is truly necessary for brands who want to engage with their audience. You may have considered the idea of Facebook advertising in the past, but you’d be surprised at how many times companies place ads without much thought behind them. Perhaps you’ve “boosted” your current posts for $5 or $10 and have seen little to no results. Or you have run real ads before, but did [...]

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