If you have not heard about this useful tool before, IM (Instant Messaging) chat widgets are installed in websites that want to offer a better customer service appeal to clients.

While sending an email can be just as convenient, being able to chat directly with a salesperson can give you an edge over your competition. SEO Brand will outline a few other ways you can use IM chat widgets to increase sales on your website.

Picture this: you have a retail website with a variety of shipping options listed out on your Products page. One visitor in particular is hesitant about shipping costs in their area. Because they are afraid of being overcharged, they leave your website and shop elsewhere.

Instead, installing an IM chat widget on your shop means that same visitor can ask their question and get it answered on the spot:

Visitor: I noticed your site doesn’t include anything about shipping to the West coast. How much would it cost to ship there? 

Customer Service Representative: Hi! Shipping costs are always $5.95 for all of our customers, no matter where you live! 

Visitor: Great, thank you! 

It’s more than just the comfort of having vital questions answered quickly. IM chat widgets can help you figure out what your clients most need. If you notice them asking similar questions all across the board, you can make changes to your website accordingly to fit their needs. This means less overall issues and you can keep your customers happy.

IM chat widgets also give you the opportunity to provide surprise gifts to your clients, too. Imagine if the customer service representative from the above example decided to discount shipping with their very own unique coupon code! That customer is sure to come back for future purchases.

Great website design is also all about usability. When installing IM chat widgets on your site, make sure that it is visible, but not intrusive. Constant pop-ups have the potential to drive consumers away. Instead, keep it at the corner of your page where it will be seen but out of the way.

The team at SEO Brand is all about making your website count. For more information about IM chat widgets and other useful features to improve your sales, contact one of our team members who are experts in website development today. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process.