How to Write a Compelling Marketing Email

For many businesses, using email to market to current and potential customers can be tricky and perhaps a bit daunting. It can be so challenging that companies avoid email marketing. However, email marketing doesn’t have to be scary. While many emails today come with bells and whistles, one thing has always stayed the same. A well-written email with good content is something that many people respond positively to. SEO Brand wants to offer some tips to help you write better emails that appeal to your audience. […]

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A Brief Guide on Using Email Autoresponders

Okay, moment of truth. The world of digital marketing is complex. Many marketers feel overwhelmed with managing various online activities and trying to find the digital marketing “sweet spot” that not only delights customers and target audiences but that also boosts conversion rates and marketing ROI. One area of digital marketing that many marketers try to master is email marketing. Although building a solid email marketing campaign might require some initial investment in selecting software, writing content, and setting up tracking codes, the good news is that email marketing can be also automated, saving marketers more time and resources than they realize.   Why Email Autoresponders? [...]

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