DWK Life Sciences

SAP Integration, Magento Development, Search Engine Optimization

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Project Description

DWK Life Sciences

E-Commerce Success through SEO, SAP and Magento.

Results Achieved

  • 25,550% increase in e-commerce revenue
  • 550% increase in organic traffic
  • 250% increase in goal completions
  • 1200% increase in B2B lead inquiries
  • 150% in Happiness among all DWK Employees


DWK Life Sciences was faced with a significant challenge. They were saddled down by an old version of SAP CRM that hindered their ability to scale their e-commerce component of their business due to a shopping cart loaded with bloatware, inefficiency while being tied into a crucial part of the company’s operating infrastructure.

Challenges Identified

  • A semi-functional shopping cart that when touched, seemed to break other critical components tied into the supply chain.
  • An inefficient shopping part that hindered rather than helped a smooth e-commerce experience for DWK’s client base.
  • No way to re-market to existing clients through promotional codes or Tiered pricing.
  • A non-existent Search Engine Optimization or Paid Search strategy

Actions Taken

In Depth Research Performed

After a careful analysis of the entire ordering and fulfillment process, it was determined that in order to achieve the objectives that DWK wanted, the current shopping cart of SAP CRM either needed to be repaired or bypassed. We chose the latter only because of the simplicity and scalability possabilities of Magento. SEO Brand designed and implemented a custom piece of middlewear that would allow the catalog SAP R/3 to seamlessly communicate with the Magento shopping cart.

Once this installation was complete, we also set up a proper site map, technical SEO and user experience improvements throughout the site. The paid search component was to integrate the inventory feed into the Google and Bing Shopping API and manage the campaign.


The results were an overwhelming success. Not only did productivity increase exponentially throughout the corporate offices but e-commerce revenue shot up year after year at a rate that even surpassed SEO Brand’s own expectations.