The Weather Company (an IBM company) wanted to demonstrate how advertising is affected by the weather. With Watson as our AI, we were tasked to create an experience that used big data analytics to provide enterprise clients with short-term customized forecasts.

Challenges Identified

  • 1. – There wasn’t any use of the massive data being collected for intelligent business decisions
  • 2. – Some of the data collection points were broken and inconsistent with the mapping structure
  • 3. – Multiple data points of Social Media data, pollutant data, purchase data, and other sources.
  • 4. – We had to figure out how to translate weather data into business actions.

Actions Taken

  • 1. – Designed and built out wireframes to visualize the data and prove the concept
  • 2. – Turned to a variety of jQuery and JavaScript libraries for inspiration and created layouts that complemented the code base capabilities.
  • 3. – Reviewed the supplied analytics and developed KPI’s on what topics brought the most value to the platform.
  • 4. – Shared our notes with key stakeholders which furthered the ideas
  • 5. – Developed 2 versions of UI/UX concepts for the senior management team
  • 6. – Assisted the development team in the implementation of the concepts
  • 7. – Set up multi variant testing and measured the data in 90-day increments

Results Achieved

  • 1. – Opened up a new door and process for the client about how to properly build out wireframes based on Stakeholder and User Data which is still being used today
  • 2. – Collected additional data points and mapped the data to a new model created
  • 3. – Rolled a new design into the mix of the Weather Channel and related properties


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