PeopleCore is a leading provider of customized training materials that help petrochemical organizations achieve operational excellence and grow talent. Their approach is based on an understanding of how people learn, which we use to build learning experiences that create competent troubleshooters, operators, and leaders.

Challenges Identified

  • Homepage did not clearly explain who they were or the services and training offered
  • Main menu was difficult to navigate
  • No footer navigation
  • Lacked a clear call to action

Actions Taken

  • Homepage content was updated to better illustrate what the company offers
  • Restructured the page layout to funnel users from education to contacting for additional information
  • Updated main menu navigation to easily identify training, procedure development and resources
  • Created a brand new footer design with navigation to important subpages

Results Achieved

  • Enhanced the user experience by making the site more intuitive, and content easier to read through.
  • Homepage, main menu navigation, and footer rendered for mobile devices




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