Beyond Diet is a popular weight loss website and program but was facing an onset of negative responses on various review sites questioning the service being offered. The brand’s online reputation was in distress.

Challenges Identified

  • 1 – Negative content posted about the brand and cancellation policies
  • 2 – Competitor damage caused by negative content posting
  • 3 – Negative SEO Attack by linking the URL to spammy websites
  • 4 – Improper SEO techniques applied to the URL

Note: When assessing “the damage” of the situation, it’s important to best understand where it’s coming from and how we can either suppress the information by outranking it on Google, or using it as an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. We have accomplished both of these goals.

Actions Taken

  • 1 – In Depth Research Performed
  • 2 – Throughout our campaign we made sure to share content in competition with these reviews that explained, in detail, the services offered by our clients. We utilized our efforts to ensure a positive reflection was directly in competition with the negative mentions.
  • 3 – We created web properties and contents associated with the brand term Beyond Diet. To do this we optimized link building and web properties for keywords relating to reviewing Beyond Diet.
  • 4 – We made web properties ranking for “Beyond Diet Reviews” into a resource for new and existing members, opening a portal for satisfied customers to submit reviews. We furthered our success by placing an emphasis on ranking positive reviews over the negatives by optimizing organic content. To further the branding of the company, we assisted with the creation of display advertising to help grow the Beyond Diet brand in terms of influence and impressions, helping put the company on the path of exponential growth where it is today.

Results Achieved

Clear brand name without any negative content associated with the brand. Disavow and removal of toxic backlinks
Installed a new review/feedback collection system so that the client can use real time feedback to make improvements to their customer experience. Implemented proper onsite, technical SEO.


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