In October of 2016, SEO Brand was awarded a US Government contract for international SEO and content optimization for the Global Engagement Center of the United States Department of State. The US Statement Department was facing several content related issues. They wanted to implement and control content migration in several different languages spread across multiple platforms.

Challenges Identified

  • 1 – 6 different languages were being used
  • 2 – Centralized roles and responsibilities made it difficult to cross implement new procedures
  • 3 – Multiple content platforms were in use creating unnecessary redundancy
  • 4- Subject matter was highly sensitive

Actions Taken

  • 1 – Conducted multiple stakeholder and user interviews
  • 2 – Drafted questions to be distributed, broke down personas to User Types
  • 3 – Developed the content matrix map
  • 4 – Developed keyword research in 6 different languages
  • 5 – Mapped out new data measurement and capture funnels
  • 6 – Analyzed data repositories
  • 7 – Mapped out new flow for APIs
  • 8 – Connected all API calls to new platform
  • 9 – Migrate and publish all content according to SEO best practices
  • 10 – Migrate and publish all content through multiple social media channels

Results Achieved

Designed, developed and installed new protocol agency wide. French, German and Arabic content migration from multiple platforms to one unified platform. Traffic and engagement rose to over 9500%. All data being captured and utilized for real time Adjustments.
A new protocol was developed and put into place


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