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  • Gianni D.

    SEO Brand gave me the necessary tools to get me started within my digital marketing career. I enjoyed the learning experience, the casual atmosphere and most of all the people. If you are looking to jump start your career, or if you are curious to learn more about the digital marketing world, I would absolutely recommend their internship program.

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  • George V.

    I would like to thank you for the countless mentoring hours that you’ve invested in me over the past month. Together, we dominated Google Analytics, Invoca, and last but not least, Beerpong. You constantly spat wisdom at me, and despite not being able to absorb it all, I’ve learned more about digital marketing than ever before. I wish you the best, and look forward to seeing your presentation at the seminar.

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  • Patrick Kebreau

    “We are very impressed by the efficiency of SEO Brand professionals in reaching an increasing number of internet users over the world. Three months after using the services of SEO Brand our visibility significantly increased. We went from 100 to 3000 visits on our website. Now, 6 months after using their services, our website has been visited by over 6000 internet users. We strongly recommend SEO Brand services to be at the top on search engine listings.”

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  • Jonathan Sharvit

    “When we first approached SEO Brand, we had little brand awareness online. Today, we have considerably increased online retail traffic and sales. We see SEO Brand not just as an agency but as a strategic marketing partner. Jon and Yohan were always willing to adapt their services to meet our changing needs. From SEO, public relations, social media, email remarketing and website design, we trust SEO Brand with everything because they have shown us results.”

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  • Michael Paloian

    It is rare to work with a company which is comprised of professionally managed, highly talented group of individuals with a common culture dedicated to providing world class Web design services. I have unfortunately wasted tens of thousands of dollars with numerous so called web development companies before I was fortunate enough to be introduced to SEO Brand. Your company has demonstrated a number of distinctively outstanding services which has prompted me to write this letter of gratitude. Firstly you have provided us with a website that this comparable to the best design firms in the world. Secondly you have accomplished this within your originally stated budget. Thirdly you have immersed yourselves in the complex business of product design to properly communicate our services to perspective clients. Lastly, you have offered insightful suggestions during the development of this complex site which places your services at the top of your market. I personally want to thank you for your leadership skills, management professionalism and brilliant marketing input which has transformed our previously design mundane site into one of the best in our market.

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