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Results Achieved

  • 50% Click-to-call conversion rate for lead generation of search-based campaigns.
  • $100 CPA (cost-per-acquisition) achieved during the post-Open Enrollment Period.


With a clear understanding of market opportunity, VelaPoint recognized the need for a solution to the often frustrating experience of dealing with insurance companies. Since its launch in 2006, the company’s mission has been to ensure simplicity for its customers, which of course requires staying up-to-date on the latest technologies.

SEO Brand worked with VelaPoint on generating successful lead generating campaigns within the highly competitive health insurance vertical in the United States. Understanding that inbound calls convert better than traditional lead submission, we developed a strategic click-to-call campaign leveraging mobile search capabilities. In order to facilitate more calls in the long run, various styles of creative assets were tested to determine the optimal conversion pathways for users searching from a mobile device. As a result, we were able to develop a unique solution that combined click-to-call search advertising with onsite mobile mechanisms that made it easier for users to speak with an agent.

Understanding the power of mobile marketing within the insurance sector, SEO Brand rebuilt the VelaPoint website to be responsive for all devices and migrated the content to a customized WordPress CMS, built with customizable mechanisms that allow VelaPoint to capture more leads.