Phidal Publishing is a 43 year old publishing company specializing in children’s books and when the COVID 19 pandemic hit, most of the distribution arm of their company froze in its tracks. Phildal came to SEO Brand wanting to know what we could help them with to keep sales moving.

Challenges Identified

  • 1 – Phidal is a B2B company with its only source of revenue tied directly to the wholesale and distribution models as most publishing companies are
  • 2 – Although Phidal had a well recognized brand name and loyalty, it was unclear what kind of brand penetration carried over to the actual readers of the books since many were licensed under popular brands such as Disney, Marvell and Nickelodeon’s most popular characters.
  • 3 – There were missing software modules needed to make the integrations we recommended.
  • 4 – They need a better, more efficient and productive way to send and transmit orders to Amazon.

Actions Taken

  • 1 – Performed keyword and brand research to understand and correctly measure the brand recognition and penetration for D2C possibilities
  • 2 – Discovered the brand had significant reach
  • 3 – Optimized the website for best SEO practices
  • 4 – Corrected the slow lead speed of the website
  • 5 – Inspected the code of the website
  • 6 – Built in a piece of custom software (middleware) to connect a shopping cart
  • 7 – Designed and integrated the shopping cart flow for direct checkout
  • 8 – Mapped out all data points for proper analytics recording
  • 9 – Integrated their entire inventory system through a challenging Amazon EDI Integration

Results Achieved

  • 1. Organic traffic started pouring into the site resulting in a 69% increase.
  • 2. There were over 100 manual labor hours saved per month by implementing the EDI connection to Amazon
  • 3. Overall shipping and receiving productivity increased by an average of 41%


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