Designer Eyes is a luxury eyewear retailed with multiple brick and mortar stores throughout the world and needed a unified digital experience. The distribution centers were set up with fragmented ERP systems which presented a supply chain and logistics challenge also.

Challenges Identified

  • 1. – The product catalog was broken, fragmented and inconsistent which was throwing off inaccurate inventory levels and fill rates
  • 2. – The lack of proper attribution standards on the catalog also lead to inaccurate pricing and loss of potential profits
  • 3. – Most tasks in running the day to day operation were manual tasks with little to no production data being captured or measured
  • 4. – The accounting system NAP was not communicating to the front end website or integrated selling platforms
  • 5. – There was no way to accurately predict future inventory sourcing which results in massive overstocks of items that cannot be sold

Actions Taken

  • 1. – Conducted multiple stakeholder and user interviews spread throughout 4 days, 4-5 sessions per day
  • 2. – Drafted questions to be distributed, broke down personas to User Types
  • 3. – Developed the experience map based on interviews and personas
  • 4. – Developed User Flow Diagrams and Detailed Process Wireframes
  • 5. – Rolled new Front End website experience while integrating it into the back end ERP system
  • 6. – Designed and developed a custom piece of AI Driven Middlewear to keep the inventory ERP system balanced with the integrated marketplaces and new Front End website.

Results Achieved

  • 1. – Reduce all of the daily manual tasks to almost zero
  • 2. – Fully automated operational AI middleware keeps inventory in sync and adjusts future inventory replenishment levels based on the predictive data sets we built
  • 3. – Revenue increased 750% Year over Year and inventory waste shrinkage percentage was cut nearly 40%
  • 4. – Manual work costs were eliminated saving the company nearly 12.5% in overall expense.


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