Designer Eyes is a luxury eyewear retailed with multiple brick and mortar stores throughout the world and needed a unified digital experience for not only their customers but also for their operations team on the fulfillment side of their business.  The distribution centers were set up with fragmented ERP systems which presented a supply chain and logistics challenge also.  This was a challenging project as SEO Brand had to figure out a roadmap for the solution we were proposing, while simultaneously rolling it out while not disturbing normal business operations.

Challenges Identified

  • 1. – The product catalog was broken, fragmented and inconsistent which was throwing off inaccurate inventory levels and fill rates
  • 2. – The lack of proper attribution standards on the catalog also lead to inaccurate pricing and loss of potential profits
  • 3. – Most tasks in running the day to day operation were manual tasks with little to no production data being captured or measured
  • 4. – The accounting system NAP was not communicating to the front end website or integrated selling platforms
  • 5. – There was no way to accurately predict future inventory sourcing which results in massive overstocks of items that cannot be sold

Actions Taken

  • 1. – Conducted multiple stakeholder and user interviews with our custom software solutions team spread throughout 4 days, 4-5 sessions per day.
  • 2. – Drafted questions to be distributed, broke down personas to user Types.
  • 3. – Developed the experience map based on interviews and personas.
  • 4. – Developed user Flow diagrams and detailed process wireframes
  • 5. – Rolled new Front End website experience while integrating it into the back end ERP system
  • 6. – Designed and developed a custom piece of AI Driven Middlewear to keep the inventory ERP system balanced with the integrated marketplaces and new Front End website.

Results Achieved

  • 1. – Reduce all of the daily manual tasks to almost zero
  • 2. – Fully automated operational AI middleware keeps inventory in sync and adjusts future inventory replenishment levels based on the predictive data sets we built
  • 3. – Revenue increased 750% Year over Year and inventory waste shrinkage percentage was cut nearly 40%
  • 4. – Manual work costs were eliminated saving the company nearly 12.5% in overall expense.


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