In 2019, the Bagel Club was just an idea. A bright entrepreneur from Montreal was surprised to find that outside of his hometown area of Montreal, it was nearly impossible to find fresh Montreal style bagels. Since he traveled a lot, he thought perhaps there could be a website that would be able to provide bagels shipped to anyone’s doorstep. Hence the idea of the Bagel Club was brought to SEO Brand to design, build out, and acquire customers for the new business.

Challenges Identified

  • 1. – Nothing like this had ever been done before
  • 2. – No website in place, all of this was just an idea
  • 3. – Logistics were an issue as on-time shipping of perishable goods presented a challenge
  • 4. – A fulfillment and shipping engine to manage all orders would have to be built
  • 5. – Had to figure out if the Cost Per Sale would be profitable according to the business models

Actions Taken

  • 1. – Research compiled from stakeholders and focus groups
  • 2. – Competitive analysis completed on some of the largest and most successful food delivery companies
  • 3. – Wireframes, Logistic Engine built based on AI Driven intelligence for re-ordering, inventory allocation
  • 4. – Several variations of UI/UX were completed and multivariate testing determined the winning visual design layout we used
  • 5. – Facebook, Instagram paid media and retargeting campaigns were built and implemented
  • 6. – Search Engine Optimization was applied to the entire website
  • 7. – Outreach for link building coupled with an Influencer Campaign was rolled out
  • 8. – All data was mapped, analyzed and transaction data was fed back into campaigns

Results Achieved

  • 1. – The Bagel Club started to gain some serious traction with online brand recognition
  • 2. – Targeted keywords ranked in the top 5 search positions 
  • 3. – Thousands of emails registered, building up a laser targeted email campaign
  • 4. – Membership for recurring orders grew 15% month over month
  • 5. – A new business of shipping Montreal Style Bagels was born strictly using digital marketing
  • 6. – Orders started pouring in from all over the world


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