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New Hope Fertility is the leader in innovative and breakthrough fertility methods, boasting high success rates in IVF and surrogacy. However, their website was a bit outdated, with content heavy subpages, and not optimized for mobile devices. New Hope Fertility’s previous website design had been featured on a CNBC segment in 2019; they needed a website style that coincided with their innovative methods for the next coming decade.

Challenges Identified

  • 1. – Site was not optimized for mobile devices
  • 2. – Content heavy subpages that made it difficult to digest, and pages too long

Actions Taken

  • 1. – In-Depth Research Performed
  • 2. – Full website redesign for a better UI/UX
  • 3. – Mobile optimization
  • 4. – SEO optimization of content and images
  • 5. – Dual site building and design for English and Chinese domains

Results Achieved

  • 1. – Enhanced the user experience by making the site more intuitive, and content easier to read through.
  • 2. – Website rendered for mobile devices


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