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As an award-winning PPC agency, Boca Raton-based SEO Brand is your #1 partner in boosting your digital marketing ROI and getting more out of your pay-per-click campaigns. 

Our South Florida PPC management team is committed to getting your business more conversions, more leads, and more sales, with dedicated PPC experience across a multitude of paid distribution channels. Get the results you’re looking for, and maximize the output of your PPC marketing investment, one ad at a time.  Learn more about our Boca Raton PPC services, then get in touch and let’s get to work on building your most successful PPC campaigns yet.

PPC Boca Raton: Proven Tactics for Sustainable Growth

Are you reaching as many qualified leads as possible with your PPC ads? 

At SEO Brand, we’ve helped countless clients expand their reach locally, nationally, and globally, with data-backed PPC tactics and sound strategies for deepening your pool of prospects. 

We can help you scale your business and amplify your brand voice online, all with cost-effective strategies that streamline your spending and ensure you’re not wasting resources on dud ads. From Google to YouTube and everywhere in between, we’ll place ads at the optimal time and place for reaching your audience. We’ll also maintain constant oversight of your PPC analytics to ensure that we always have a full picture view of what’s working, what’s not, and where we can make adjustments to stretch your budget and improve your ad performance.

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PPC Advertising Made Easy

Our Boca Raton advertising services take the guesswork out of making your mark online. We can manage your pay-per-click strategy on its own or in addition to organic growth marketing, placing ads wherever they’re most likely to get in front of your core audience. 

With PPC advertising, you place ads for your business on a variety of targeted channels and only pay when someone clicks through. Done well, it can make a huge difference in your online visibility and the amount of traffic you bring to your site. But it’s not always intuitive, especially for businesses without a ton of experience running these types of campaigns. 

Work with a Boca Raton advertising agency that can make sure your PPC campaigns hit it out of the park. We’ll help create instant demand for your products or services, connecting with new customers and staying top of mind with existing ones. Along the way, you’ll only pay for views that actually convert into traffic, meaning less wasted spending and a more sustainable approach to online growth.

Benefits of Our Boca Raton PPC Services

  • A/B testing: We’ll perform regular A/B testing of core elements like ad placement, copy, and keywords so we know what will deliver the highest ROI for your business.   
  • Rapid lead generation: Your target audience is out there, and we can help you find them. Make quick connections via well-placed PPC ads on search engines, social media, and any other paid distribution channels that make sense for your goals.
  • Cost-efficient spending: Stretch your digital marketing budget as far as it will go by only paying for views that turn into clicks. 
  • Better search engine results: We can integrate your PPC and organic search strategies for a truly impactful approach to search engine domination. 
  • Audience targeting: Our data-driven tactics include extensive audience research so we know exactly who we’re targeting and what sorts of ads are most likely to draw their attention.
  • Retargeting: Use PPC ads to reconnect with qualified leads and keep interest strong in what your brand is selling online.
PPC Marketing Services

PPC Tools and Platforms

We’ve worked hard to become the PPC company Boca Raton calls first when they need to boost the results of their PPC marketing campaigns. This includes the use of industry-leading tools and platforms that help us do our job better and optimize your PPC performance at every turn.

Here are some of the tools we put to use for our clients:

Google Ads
Bing Ads
Twitter Ads
LinkedIn Ads

What are the Types of PPC Ads?

Search Ads

Search ads are placed on search engine result pages and appear in front of users who are searching for the products or services your company specializes in. They’re ideal for short sales cycles and one-time campaign promotions.

Social Ads

Maximize social media performance with paid social ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Social ads are targeted to those users who are most likely to convert, with segmentation based on interests, locations, online behaviors, and other key features.

Display Ads

Get in front of a wider audience with display ads. These types of ads are placed on sites that are relevant to your business or industry but non-competing, and can be useful in expanding your reach and encouraging action among qualified leads.

Retargeting Ads

Ads placed in front of users who have engaged with your site but haven’t followed through with one or more high-value conversions.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads are a way for eCommerce companies to highlight their products in search results. Ads will appear at the top of SERPs in a carousel or slideshow, ensuring they’re one of the first results consumers see with their query.

Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon PPC ads help you generate more views and sales on Amazon, and can help you cut through the noise of a crowded marketplace with sponsored placements and increased brand credibility.

Intelligent South Florida PPC Management Services 

SEO Brand brings together the very best of paid and organic search strategies so that you never have to worry about your brand falling behind. Increase awareness through targeted paid ads, and build up a strong PPC presence while you wait to see results from organic search – a process that can take months, or even years. 

Our Boca Raton PPC services are the perfect complement to our broader digital marketing offerings, and can help you speed up the clock and make big improvements in a record amount of time. 

What SEO Brand provides for our brand partners:

  • Campaign testing. Split testing and optimization helps us figure out what strategy will make the most sense for your PPC campaigns. It also provides us with rapid feedback on what’s tracking with your audience so your investment is always put to good use.  
  • Relevant landing pages. PPC landing pages are as crucial as the ads themselves. We’ll create original landing pages for your campaigns with straightforward calls to action so that more of your clicks turn into ROI-boosting conversions.
  • Analytic support. Get constant oversight of your PPC performance, with detailed reports at the ready and vital insights based on the real-time data surrounding your brand.

Other Services from the Boca’s Best Digital Marketing Agency

You deserve a PPC agency partner that will go above and beyond for your brand. Contact us today to learn more about how SEO Brand bridges the gap between traditional marketing and branding techniques for the betterment of your business, as well as for information on our additional digital marketing services, including SEO, original content creation, web design and development, and more.

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