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YouTube Video Optimization Tips

Admit it – we’ve all gotten distracted by YouTube when we’re supposed to be doing something else. If you’ve been caught watching cute animal videos at work, don’t worry! You’re one of the 800 million viewers that use YouTube on a monthly basis. YouTube is a rich source of videos, whether you want to be entertained or educated. Between 60-100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, which makes for a lot of browsing. YouTube is an incredibly helpful platform to boost your company’s online presence. Getting your video noticed in the midst of the millions of others [...]

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Using Google My Business Pages For Local SEO

Billions of local search queries happen every single month. These are searches such as "Cuban Restaurant Miami", "Dentist San Fransisco", and "Marketing Companies Dallas". If you follow your online search engine positioning closely, you will notice that Google has filled the first 5-7 positions on page 1 with a map listing so that users can see the physical locations of suggested companies. This also works for "near me" searches without needing to list your specific town, city, or state. For example, "SEO companies near me" or "plumbers near me". These coveted rankings happen because of a feature called Google Places. It is [...]

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The Keys to Running A Successful Subscription Service

In today’s market, it is rare to find any retail business that does not also participate in e-commerce, even if they have a brick and mortar facility. The availability of e-commerce shopping saves consumers time and money. This is especially true when e-commerce tends to offer perks like discount codes, online coupons, free shipping deals, and more. Because of this success, retailers are now looking for another avenue to stand out from the completion. As a result, subscription based services have become more and more prevalent. While this new medium may not be suited for every type of retailer, if [...]

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3 Steps to Make Website Design SEO-Friendly

Let’s say you have a stunning, well-branded e-commerce site. However, you’re not sure why there’s no organic traffic from Google search results. Or you have the opposite problem – your website contains all the right content and keywords. However, the design tends to be unattractive and as a result, you have poor bounce rates. This is a balancing act all online businesses must face. Not only does a visually appealing and SEO-optimized website help your audience find what they are looking for, but these are both fundamental factors in boosting overall conversion rates. There are steps you can take to improve [...]

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Branding Your Business From A-Z

With so many options for shopping online, e-commerce businesses have a problem with being memorable among their competitors. Branding has the ability to inspire a lasting impression among your customers, but not many companies know how to develop an identity that relates to their target audience. At SEO Brand, we know that branding is not just a logo and a series of graphics. While this is an important part of the process, it ultimately does not tell the story of your company. […]

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How to Write a Compelling Marketing Email

For many businesses, using email to market to current and potential customers can be tricky and perhaps a bit daunting. It can be so challenging that companies avoid email marketing. However, email marketing doesn’t have to be scary. While many emails today come with bells and whistles, one thing has always stayed the same. A well-written email with good content is something that many people respond positively to. SEO Brand wants to offer some tips to help you write better emails that appeal to your audience. […]

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The Power of Online Reviews

When people need to book a restaurant, they tend to look at online reviews to understand the quality of the food and service delivery. They can check the restaurant’s Facebook Page to see if there are any specials or photos of the food. They click on their Yelp app to read testimonials from past customers. Before booking a hotel, buying a car, ordering a new television or computer, customers are well-versed in researching a product well before they buy it. Put simply, online reviews directly drive sales. Reviews and testimonials convince people to buy services and products by removing uncertainty [...]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation

If businesses want to be taken seriously, it cannot ignore the importance of online reputation. Before the internet, businesses built their reputation slowly and through word of mouth. Today, a business reputation can be built quickly. However, just as easily a business reputation can be built, it can be tarnished in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the digital age, customers can share their thoughts and their version of their experiences with your brand with a few clicks. The internet can be a godsend for companies that want to grow quickly, but can be a headache if customers leave negative [...]

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7 Best Practices for Managing Your Facebook Business Page

For many businesses, social media is a big mystery. Many businesses cannot see the value in it and so they throw it to the side. That is a mistake. Millions of potentials customers use social media every day to connect with family, friends, and business. A business that fails to include social media in their marketing plans is missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with their customers and secure new ones. For businesses that want to begin adding social media to their marketing plans might wonder how to use social media to benefit their business best. To start, [...]

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Finding Profit Through Facebook Advertising

Social media connects your business with the world. It does this in a variety of ways. From simple concepts such as likes, comments, and shares, to more complex features like reviews and calls-to-action, Facebook is truly necessary for brands who want to engage with their audience. You may have considered the idea of Facebook advertising in the past, but you’d be surprised at how many times companies place ads without much thought behind them. Perhaps you’ve “boosted” your current posts for $5 or $10 and have seen little to no results. Or you have run real ads before, but did [...]

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