From Big Brands, Small Businesses, and Start-Ups, SEO Brand has served and done web design for all. Whether it’s to be built from scratch, or an e-commerce website design in need of a renovation, we are fully equipped with a wide-array of solutions. With our full staff of website developers, copywriters, advisers, public relations experts, search curators, social media engineers, and professionals of varying industries, we know just what it takes to create presence with purpose.



Advancing Artistry


It’s more than eye candy. We’re passionate about the inter-connectivity that comes between the things we do. We treat every custom development and design project as if a new frontier to observe excellence. We’ve seen how a well developed web design can increase conversions by more than two-fold. We’ve witnessed design work increasing customer acquisition and significantly changing the cost per acquisition for first time users while also increasing the average customer lifespan. Our web design company believes in applying a science that combines artistry and accessibility to bring the optimal experience to all visiting users. With over a decade in dedicating ourselves to making a difference, we embrace every challenge and stand at the forefront of emerging trends through our award-winning team of design experts.



Why Web Design and Branding (Always) Matters


According to an article published by Forbes, “The most surprising revelation was that design elements are exponentially more powerful than content, in terms of mistrust. When asked to describe why they mistrusted a website, 94 percent of comments were directly related to web design elements, while only 6 percent referenced specific content.” (source: As a website development company, we believe in establishing a presence that connects to the end user’s eyes and interests within a split second. That’s the difference design makes.


From Presence to Platform to Portfolio, SEO Brand is willing and able to handle every step of the design process for desktop, mobile, and beyond. We have experience working with every platform including, but definitely not limited to: WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Instapages, Weebly and beyond. Our web design agency, also offers advanced analytics and webmaster services to meet every possible need for your new site. We specialize in conversions, lead generation, branding, marketing, and every possible measure to keep to a step ahead of your competition.

We are a web design and branding agency built and designed to serve our clients from the launch to the long term. When you are ready, we are willing. Contact us today, about the website development services that we can do for your business.



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