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Google advertising through AdWords is one of the most effective digital advertising solutions available for today’s businesses. The pay-per-click (PPC) Google advertising system can be structured to meet the needs, objectives, and budget of your business, and the strong majority of business that use Google AdWords marketing end up with a highly desirable ROI.

The key to succeeding with Google AdWords and making a big return on your investment is to design a marketing campaign that aligns with your business’s goals, is targeted to your ideal audience, has eye-catching ad material and landing pages, and is structured efficiently. SEO Brand can help you with all of this and more, with AdWords management services that go above and beyond for your PPC campaigns. Our team members are experts at using Google AdWords management and can identify the best strategies to get your ads in front of the most people. When you hire SEO Brand to manage your AdWords account, you get professional SEO experts as dedicated to maximizing your ROI as you are.

Building Your AdWords Campaign

When AdWords was launched back in 2000, there were 20 million searches taking place every single day on Google. Today, it’s more than 3.5 billion a day. That’s a lot of searches, and a lot of potential customers for your business to reach.

As an SEO and AdWords management agency, we’re pros at optimizing each step of a successful PPC campaign. Our Google AdWords services include comprehensive management of each unique facet of your AdWords profile, with regular reports to keep you up to date on progress and insights.

Many of the strategies we use for organically optimizing your search engine ranking are also used for Google AdWords management, but with a few differences focused specifically on meeting your target cost per sale or lead. With Google AdWords services from SEO Brand, you’ll get a personalized team of agency pros who can manage each aspect of your campaign, including:

  •         Keyword research
  •         Competitive analysis
  •         Custom campaigns and ad copy
  •         Design and development of landing pages
  •         Analytics and reporting

We’ll help you get your products or services in front of the exact consumers who are most likely to purchase them, in turn maximizing your conversion rate and delivering a high ROI on your AdWords investment. All AdWords campaign we design and manage are customized to target the consumers who are most likely to convert at a stage when they are most likely to make a purchase. In addition to SEO, AdWords optimization can help expand your reach, bring in more traffic, and help you achieve better performance and profit.

Proven Strategies for AdWords Success

Every effective AdWords campaign is customized to a business’s needs and goals, but there are some overarching strategies that dictate what makes for a successful PPC endeavor. At SEO Brand, we design all of our clients’ AdWords marketing campaigns around a number of trusted approaches that help us maximize your PPC potential.

Plan building

Before we start bidding for ad space, we have to know exactly what the objectives of your campaign are. We’ll work with you to determine your specific AdWords goals, be it maximizing your conversion rate, increasing brand awareness, or generating more leads (or all three) and always generating a positive return on ad spend (ROAS). Then we’ll design you a personalized plan that accounts for your unique objectives within the confines of your budget.

Audience Identification

One of the most important factors of an optimized AdWords campaign is a deep understanding of who you’re trying to reach with your ads. We’ll help you figure out exactly who your preferred consumer base is as well as how, where, and when they search.

Keyword Research and Bidding

Just like with SEO, PPC ads need to be targeted to specific keywords that are chosen for their ability to convert based on cost, competition, and search volume. Once we know the best keywords for your ads, we can budget and bid for them accordingly.

Account Structuring

Your AdWords account is made up of individual campaigns that have their own keywords, ad copy, and landing pages. We’ll help you structure your campaigns into relevant groupings under the general umbrella of your account.

Ad Copy and Design

You’ll get access to skilled copywriters and web designers who can write compelling content and display it in a way that maximizes usability and engagement.

Analytics and Reporting

We’ll track conversions on each of your AdWords campaign to determine what ads, keywords, and content are getting you the highest ROI. You’ll receive regular reporting so you always know what’s going on and how your PPC campaigns are performing.

AdWords Marketing Services With SEO Brand

There’s a whole world of customers out there for you to reach with PPC ads. If you’re ready to get in front of them, we’re ready to help. Give us a call at 800-262-5023 or send us an email at