Leverage the Power of Email Marketing Strategy

A significant database of contacts can provide your brand with an opportunity to push promotional offers and new products. Unfortunately, many brands do not have the capability to create newsletter campaigns that will convert well, resulting in a significant waste of time and resources. However, with the growing power of social media marketing and audience development, strategic email marketing can prove to be quite advantageous and generate a significant ROI for business.

Benefits of Effective Email Marketing Services

  • Segmentation of Contacts: segment your database into different groups to launch more targeted campaigns geared to increase performance.
  • Develop Effective Marketing Messages: by segmenting your users, you can create more effective ad copy that is uniquely tailored to specific purchasing segments.
  • Create Autoresponders: automatically send out emails based on consumer triggers such as registrations and purchases.
  • Actively Monitor List Health: identify whether or not your email lists are valid by actively monitoring unsubscribes and bounces.

Having the ability to drip market to your contact base will prove to be valuable for pushing promotions. Email marketing is an effective way to manage your relationships with customers, increase brand loyalty and generate new sales.

Increase Revenue with Email Remarketing

If you’re looking to take advantage of the full benefits of email marketing, implementing a strategic remarketing program based on optimizing for the best conversion paths can be a worthwhile investment. Customer state marketing will enable us to push unique offers to targeted segments, further customizing marketing messages for the end users. We have perfected the remarketing concept that we like to call “Replay”, which entails the following strategy:

  • Decision Tree Development:  based on the marketing concepts development, we will create an intricate decision tree that will automate the newsletter marketing process based on the actions taken by your database.
  • Creative Deployment: after we have an approved marketing plan, we will develop the creative assets needed to cover a typical schedule, which can be as low as 30 days or as long as six months. Within our calendar, we will schedule the development of both autoresponders and A/B email campaigns to generate optimal performance.
  • Optimization: once we start collecting enough data over the course of our email marketing campaigns, we will then replicate the highest-converting paths for new users registered into the database.