Who We Are

We are located all over North America and across the Atlantic. From Miami to Montreal, Philadelphia to Paris. SEO Brand is an Interactive Marketing firm with over a decade’s worth of business experience in Internet Marketing Services and program integration. Our award-winning team stands at the forefront of all emerging trends in digital marketing. When it comes to brand development, no business, no campaign is too small or too large to benefit from the brightening horizons of digital marketing.

Our Mission

Here at SEO Brand, our mission is to help you turn a profit from the traffic searching your services online. It is our aim to analyze ever facet of Internet Marketing to aid in your endeavors, regardless of the size, scope, and the industry of your business. Through our expertise in analysis, development, and design, we specialize in creating something unique and custom for every client.

What Sets SEO Brand Apart?

We are more than marketers and businessmen. We are design gurus, website and app developers, writers, publicists, search engine curators, social media engineers and all-around experts of the World Wide Web, working around the clock for our global clientele. By bridging the elements of traditional marketing, web design, brand management, and programming, our team integrates these elements, among others, to provide the ultimate solutions for your business.


What sets us apart in this industry is our longevity, attributed to a long history of putting passion into practice. Having devised custom solutions for all industries and audiences is what makes us stand out as one of the most robust interactive agencies in the industry.
Our team is energetic, passionate and confident about our abilities. Your online business is an investment and one that deserves the best. So why not use the best Internet marketing has to offer?



Learn more about the members of our diverse marketing staff and get to know the faces behind SEO Brand.

Michael A. Salvaggio
Michael Abitbol
Chief IT Executive Manager
Jenelle Ford
Operations Manager
  • “When we first approached SEO Brand, we had little brand awareness online. Today, we have considerably increased online retail traffic and sales. We see SEO Brand not just as an agency but as a strategic marketing partner. Jon and Yohan were always willing to adapt their services to meet our changing needs. From SEO, public relations, social media, email remarketing and website design, we trust SEO Brand with everything because they have shown us results.”

    Jonathan Sharvit, Managing Director at Stone Rose