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Full CRM & Customs Clearance Management is a fully web-based customs clearance platform that allows customs clearance agents to interact & manage requests with their clients in real time. The full CRM & clearance management system was customized to include multiple billing platforms, agent dashboards, a ticket management system, and more features to streamline operations.



Management Software

SEO Brand developed an application that would allow head office, general managers, franchise managers, and salespeople to use one centralized application for all business operations. Knowing that new franchise managers and salespeople would have to be trained rather quickly on the new process, we set out to develop a highly intuitive application that would be easy to use and master within a short period of time.

  • $20,000+ Initial savings in the first year
  • 27-33% Decrease in the time required to estimate a job.


Fully Customized Back-end

Starting with the website, we developed a fully customized backend that allowed Mondev to easily manage property listings, update content, and integrate new web elements to announce promotions and capture leads.