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  • Scholars at Your Service

Scholars at your Service, a residential and commercial painting franchise, realized their traditional methods were becoming increasingly obsolete. They turned to the experts at SEO Brand to help them with their digital transformation. SEO Brand developed an application that would be easy to use and master within a short period of time and that would allow head office, general managers, franchise managers, and salespeople to use one centralized application for all business operations.


SEO Brand fully developed and launched the application for Scholars at Your Service, with the following key results:


  • Reduced time to complete and re-price quotations, thereby increasing the number of prospects visited daily.
  • Reduced the time required for accounting and reporting functions by approximately 25%.
  • Implemented multiple payment options including real-time credit card processing.
  • Integrated its social platforms onto its website for increased social visibility.
  • Created a tool for re-marketing additional services to existing clients.


What SEO Brand Did


Decrease in the time required to estimate a job.


Initial savings within the first year, and with a scalable application, this will likely grow in the coming years.


A comprehensive application that manages every detail in one user-friendly location.