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Pelvic Pain Help

Results Achieved

  • Clean brand name across all SERPs and YouTube
  • All videos properly indexed on YouTube allowing for an easier search for user navigation and correct signaling to the search engines.
  • Inbound traffic increased by 174%
  • Inbound leads increased by 220%


A small business has an excellent service to help millions of people who suffer from chronic pelvic pain but was hindered by negative content on YouTube from a disgruntled competitor whose claims were unsubstantiated.

Challenges Identified

  • Negative content was damaging the brand name and restricting lead flow.
  • Subscriber base and referral traffic was stagnant.
  • The website and Youtube channel had a ton of great content but it was not properly indexed and organized sending conflicting signals to Google and the SERPs

Actions Taken

In Depth Research Performed
  • Optimized for all keywords relating to Dr. David Wise, Wise Anderson Protocol
  • Removed all videos bearing a negative mention of Dr. Wise within the first 5 results of the YouTube search.
  • Created and optimized the Google+, YouTube, and overall social media presence of Dr. Wise.
  • Properly optimized all videos in the YouTube index.
  • Increased the website load time through technical development