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  • Stateland Brown LLC

Established in 2006, Stateland Brown Realty helped thousands of clients find their dream home in the tri-counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. It also services clients with an interest in investment property. Despite its massive growth and years of experience, Stateland Brown Realty realized that it needed to update its website to a more user-friendly that reflected its brand and its services. They turned to SEO Brand to solve its challenges.

SEO Brand launched a full web design and web development product that reflected the Stateland Brown Brand and produced the following results.

    • Better reflect Stateland Brown Realty’s brand. Clients enjoy a more professional and engaging website.
    • New website development offered increased visibility for clients searching for information and help generate leads throughout its search engine.
    • Launched a new site development that is responsive to mobile and tablet devices to enable a positive experience for consumers who mobile search.
    • Integrated its social platforms onto its website for increased social visibility.
    • Implement tactics to encourage customers to engage with the website and fill out inquiry forms.