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Results Achieved

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  • 33% Increase in organic traffic after the launching of the brand new website.
  • Increased brand awareness online through content and blogger outreach initiatives.


Lavica is an Italian-inspired Coffee company known for their high end flavors and varieties as well as their premium selection in Coffee and Tea-making equipment. Based in Montreal, Canada, Lavica uses the highest quality of coffee beans through a roasting process that has been perfected throughout the last 15 years. With a wide variety of flavors, spanning cultures and modern advances in brewing, Lavica has been lauded for the quality in taste and scent with each and every variety.

Within the last 2 years, Lavica began to craft products compatible with most Nespresso machine. This increased the demand for Lavica’s products dramatically. To meet the rise in demand, Lavica needed a new approach to e-commerce through a newly-designed website capable of capturing real-time inventory and connecting to other third-party marketplaces.