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Innovative Marijuana Marketing

As marijuana marketing leaders, our award-winning digital marketing strategies seek to elevate your products through dynamic approaches that match a constantly changing industry atmosphere.

It’s true that more and more states are adopting pro-marijuana policies, pushing legislation through for both medical and recreational usage. Fledgling advertising strategies are slowly growing from infancy into functional, dynamic solutions, and SEO Brand helps blaze this trail.

Our solutions help any cannabusiness, small or large, elevate themselves onto any sized-platform, local or national. Through a careful blend of both on-page and off-page SEO tactics, we’ll optimize your product’s digital presence, image, reputation, and overall online authority through our award-winning techniques.

We monitor industry trends so you’ll rank higher!

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The Keys To Your Success

Cannabis market research is the cornerstone of our SEO process. As a relatively young and emergent industry, marijuana is just now making its leap into the mainstream, and its limbo status as a controlled substance makes its advertising all-the-more difficult.

In spite of this, SEO Brand’s industry-recognized techniques are designed to break through the stigma and get your message trending in front of the right audience.

Through articulate website optimization, construction of a powerful backlink presence, creative display ad creation, and promotion using niche marijuana channels, our digital influence works to generate trustworthy web reputation to increase your overall online presence.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Display Ad Creation: Product promotion happens through advertisement, but considering that major platforms largely prohibit marijuana promotion, our strategies get creative. Using in-depth industry research, our experts discover the best local and national channels that allow marijuana advertisements. Using these resources, our team will help build and deploy captivating ads tailored specifically towards your audience.

Reputation Management: Marijuana is still greatly stigmatized within the digital world, and this is reflected within platform providers’ ad policies. Fortunately, in the areas where traditional digital marketing fails, many new alternatives and channels have appeared. Through blog posting, a google business page, and strong backlinks, we’ll manage your online presence and social media accounts in a way that guarantees your brand is ranking higher than competition.

Public Relations: Aligning your brand with current news trends is incredibly important, and our strategies are aimed at increasing your brand’s awareness through direct outreach programs on various marijuana ad networks. Guest posting, product awareness, and credibility building will drive relevant traffic, with higher user engagement, to your site.

SEO: Organic ranking is an extremely important factor in generating public awareness; you want your online customers to find you quickly. Using extensive keyword research, our specialists will discover what your customers are searching for, and get your domain ranking for them. Through meta data optimization, link building, and content creation, our on-page and off-page strategies boost domain authority and website rankings so that you’ll appear on the first page.

Don’t Get Caught Up In The Regulations

Regardless of whether or not you require recreational or medical marijuana marketing, you’ll need our award-winning techniques. Despite 30 states having already adopted policies that legalize cannabis, the rules governing its advertisement are still chained down with archaic regulations. You need cannabinoid marketing experts to sort through all that red tape, and SEO Brand’s trusted, industry-recognized strategies, do just that.

Wouldn’t is be easy to simply create an advertisement for Facebook or Instagram? Or develop an extensive television promotion campaign? In an ideal world, the answer would be yes, but since marijuana is still nationally prohibited, many traditional marketing strategies fall short.

According to Adweek, an advertising trade publication, Colorado-based businesses can’t run TV marijuana ads unless they provide clear evidence that no greater than 30% of a program’s audience falls below the age of 21. This exact law applies for digital websites as well, and evaluating that 30% threshold for online audiences is much more difficult. This is where you need SEO Brand digital marketing gurus that posses an inside-out understanding of the cannabis industry, and how laws affect each state’s advertising policies.

We’ve elevated large global brands; we know how to navigate the digital scene so that your products are seen by the audience you want. As your marijuana advertising agency, we’ll build your credibility, enhance your brand, and boost your sales through disciplines that refine your market, image, and message. At the end of the day, we understand that those with a strong web presence, endure.

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Digital marketing is the future of advertisement; give your product’s online presence a boost with our proven strategies. Our intentions are not just getting your product “out there”, but our professional experience seeks to elevate you past competition. If that sounds like the kind of marketing your marijuana business needs, then contact our team of specialists today and get started.

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