LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin ads allows, through their advertising platform, to diffuse your message on this social network. The professionally-focused social site allows your company to directly target individuals by age, industry, job title, education level, and more; all within your unique budget and objectives. It’s a powerful tool for building brand awareness in the professional sphere, and a trusted strategy for businesses trying to connect with – and generate leads from – industry experts of all types.

SEO Brand offers LinkedIn ad management services that can help you take your LinkedIn ad campaigns to the next level and reach more people with your message. In addition to overseeing your LinkedIn advertising account, our team of agency pros can create and design custom ad copy and make sure it is displayed properly and placed directly in front of your desired audience. With our LinkedIn advertising services, your company’s LinkedIn ad campaigns get personal attention with targeted objectives. We’ll help you get more eyes on your ads and on your site.

The Basics of LinkedIn Advertising

We’re more than just a LinkedIn advertising agency, which means we understand the ins and out of digital marketing campaigns from a variety of important angles, including content, SEO, conversions, and competitive analysis. We’re proud to call ourselves experts in paid search advertising across the web and social media, and we bring years of experience in helping companies do bigger and better in their social media ad campaigns. As your LinkedIn advertising manager, we’ll help you gather qualified leads with custom made ad campaigns designed to convert.

“B2B buyers are increasingly looking to LinkedIn when making purchase decisions, and “as of 2017, there were 9 billion content impressions on LinkedIn feeds every single week.” (source: LinkedIn).

While other social media sites are more broadly consumer based, LinkedIn appeals to individuals who are looking for authority and brand connections. “That’s big news for the 94% of B2B marketers who distribute content on LinkedIn, but even more important is the fact that 46% of social media traffic coming in to B2B company sites originates from LinkedIn.” (source:LinkedIn). If you’re not running an ad campaign on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to bring quality leads back to your site.

With a LinkedIn ad account, you can target users based on the exact demographic descriptions they use to align themselves as an expert in their field through information provided on profile pages, professional groups, and forums.

Hone in on your ideal consumer base by targeting ads to users based on:

  • Location
  • Job title
  • Job skills
  • Job function
  • Industry
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Seniority level
  • Educational degree and field of study
  • Company size
  • Years of professional experience
  • And more…

We can also run ads that reach just those individuals who are already part of your email marketing database. With a dedicated LinkedIn adverts manager, you can put the focus where it counts, spending ad dollars on targeted campaigns that are directed at the exact individuals who are looking for your product or service.

LinkedIn ad Management
From SEO Brand

When you hire SEO Brand to oversee your LinkedIn ad account, you get a team with deep knowledge of social media marketing and a commitment to sustained improvements. We’ll set you up with a personalized crew of skilled social media marketers who will make informed ad decisions based on your brand’s identity, goals, and budget.

The first step of our LinkedIn advertising management services includes a full audit of your current LinkedIn ad efforts (if applicable), with an eye to what’s working and what can be improved upon. We’ll figure out exactly where you’re excelling so we can build upon it and ditch the campaign efforts that are failing to convert.

From there, we’ll focus on exposure, with custom copy and cost-effective solutions that are designed and targeted to appeal to your consumer base. We’ll track progress of performance metrics – including clicks, leads, and conversion – so that we can tweak things as we go, and you’ll receive regular reports that break down what’s going on so you’re never out of the loop. You get a dedicated LinkedIn advertising manager and an ad account optimized to convert, all while you get to focus on the other things that matter in the day-to-day running of your business.

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Today’s B2B marketers know that if they want to increase their performance, they have to put resources toward a LinkedIn ad campaign. Whether you’re new to the LinkedIn ad game or you need some additional support to maximize your leads and conversions, SEO Brand has qualified experts ready to increase your success on the LinkedIn ad platform.

Get your brand in front of the people who matter with comprehensive LinkedIn advertising management services focused on results. Give us a call at 888-736-2571 or send us an email at to get started.