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Get ready to boost your sales with Amazon services! We offer product listings that are guaranteed to be SEO optimized and geared towards your market.


As a full-service company, the consultants at SEO Brand will conduct research, through Amazon keyword ranking, understand your target demographic, and learn the types of products users search for. We know that it’s not about the volume of keywords you use, it’s about using the right keywords for your listings. Below you can read about the many ways we make your online product more appealing on Amazon.



Amazon Services



Comprehensive Keyword Analysis


SEO Brand uses our experience in the digital marketing world to sell your product with Amazon Optimization. This begins with an industry keyword analysis. Keywords can be used in the title, description, bullet points, FAQ section, and images of your product.


As for how often you should use keywords, suggestions vary from agency to agency. However, everyone can agree that using too many can drive away potential buyers, and using too few will not achieve the traffic you want. SEO Brand expertly uses keywords on your Amazon listings in a way that makes sense to both search engines and users.


Product Title and Category


As most Amazon sellers will tell you, the product page title is crucial to your success. It’s the first impression you make on your audience. Not only should your title be keyword-friendly, it should grab your audience’s attention.


As for product visibility, it starts with having the right category. This is because Amazon positions categories for the consumer’s benefit and discovery. Certainly not all of your buyers choose the “All Departments” option when they shop. You must attribute your product to the right place or risk losing sales opportunities. With literally thousands of categories to choose from, SEO Brand is able to envision exactly where your shopper goes.


Details and Bullet Points


This is the bulk of your Amazon listing. An experienced copywriter must understand how to highlight the benefits of your product, and how to use the voice of your brand to communicate to your audience.


When you contact SEO Brand about the specifications of your project, we will take extensive notes about the details and benefits of your Amazon listing. Using this information, we write or update product name, price point, weight, height, color, shape, name of manufacturer, and SKUs, product codes, as well as any other relevant manufacturer with absolute accuracy. Your data is enriched with relevant details. Having a very clear message increases the chances that someone is going to make a purchase on your page. When there is little or no room for confusion, the purchasing process is seamless.


How to Have Great Amazon Store Management


If you have a steady flow of traffic to your Amazon products, but no sales, it means your conversion rates are low. There can be any number of reasons why, but SEO Brand realizes that increasing this number, even by a small amount, can equate to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in sales.


Here are just a few elements that make your Amazon listing highly successful:


  • An eye-catching, clear image focused on the main product. Traditionally, products will have a black, white, or neutral background so there are no distractions. Having multiple photos allows buyers to see a product from different angles.
  • Bullet points about the product that are accurate and easy to read. Amazon allows for 5 bullet points, each with a 500 character limit, so remember to lead with your best benefits and features.
  • A price point that works. It’s common for brands to figure out their main competition’s prices and then copy that number. However, you must first understand what makes your product stand apart from your competitor, and then price your product based on value.


Contact Us About Amazon SEO Services


SEO Brand is an all-purpose digital marketing company that specializes in SEO, Online Reputation Management, Pay Per Click (PPC) services, social media management, and more. Our mission is to help you turn a profit from traffic, whether you are primarily on Amazon or you own an eCommerce site.


If you are a current seller, our team is able to provide you with a transparent list of what your Amazon listings need, and what we can do to improve your sales and better your customers Amazon online shopping experience. New sellers can rely on our services to give you a foundation that instantly boosts you above the competition. SEO Brand’s development team is especially good at fixing any issues that may arise down the line, too.


Amazon shopping begins with a simple customer search. As one of the most robust Amazon listing services in the industry, we know that your business is an investment, and one that needs the best. For more in-depth information about what our brand can do for yours online, contact us about our Amazon SEO service, and how we can efficiently build and manage your account today.


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