Ride the Social Media Wave

Liking, Tweeting, Pinning, Instagramming….the common vernacular of today’s generation and a testament of how social media marketing has made a tremendous impact in the new digital age. It can establish serious credibility and position your brand within the marketplace while enhancing client loyalty. The use of social media allows you to become an authoritative voice, without being self-promoting, in an interactive setting by providing industry rich information. Additionally, these platforms also encourage members to contribute, allowing you to organically build your audience.

How Tweeting and Liking can help your Brand

There are multiple benefits to adopting a strategic plan of action of social media marketing services:

  • Increased Brand Awareness: platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to market to, and capture a targeted audience. Creating interesting and fresh content will make your followers more inclined to share posts and refer friends to follow your social profiles, organically expanding your brand’s exposure online.
  • Development of Brand Advocates: strategic social media marketing is built on the belief that your content should not be overly promotional. While it is essential to promote your products and services, engaging your audience with interactive content, community building activities, and contests can help you develop new brand loyalists and advocates that will promote your brand in a positive light.
  • Revenue Generation: once your brand has developed trust amongst your targeted audience on social platforms, you will then be able to reap the rewards through revenue generation, whether your goal is to push traffic to an ecommerce website or to collect viable leads.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

When it comes to marketing your brand through the major social channels, as a social media marketing agency we will execute a strategy tailored to your prime objectives and targeted audience. Our typical activities include:

  • Social Setup: The development of our core strategy begins with the setup and optimization of the right social media channels for audience development. Our social media ninjas are familiar with all of the major platforms and will give your brand the best opportunity to setup the right foundation from the start.
  • Content Development: as a social media company we will also develop a content calendar mapping out our post ideas for each month, creating a mixture of promotional and branded content. Your brand’s voice will be reflected in the content we create, whether it’s for regular posting or for customer service maintenance.
  • Fan Engagement: we will develop strategies based on contests and user-generated content to engage your audience and create an online buzz for your brand. These promotional activities will provides you with an opportunity to reach new networks and expand your audience. Having fans sharing content and creating a buzz about contests will provide an active flow of two-way communication.
  • Paid Advertising: leveraging the targeting abilities of various social platforms, we will also explore the benefits of paid social advertising for your brand. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide optimal opportunities to increase content and brand exposure through promoted advertising, whereas content aggregators such as Reddit and StumbleUpon provide opportunities for traffic generation.  With Pinterest and Instagram also rolling out paid advertising within their respective platforms, we’ll be sure to provide you with the best social media marketing strategy possible for your advertising budget.