How to Effectively Increase Conversion Rates 

Driving traffic to your website is only good if you make the sale. But some visitors to your website might be in a “browse-only” mode and leave your site. In fact, 95% of users are likely to leave a site without completing a purchase. That’s where display advertising and retargeting can prove to be beneficial marketing tactics. They not only maximize your brands online exposure, but can also generate more sales.

Introduce Retargeting to your Display Advertising Campaigns

Visitors, who have spent the time to browse your site, are potential customers. With the help of our display advertising and retargeting services, you can re-market to them elsewhere on the web. Retargeted users are shown to be 70% more likely to come back and finalize the sale. The typical retargeting process is outlined below:

  • Through marketing efforts, you drive targeted users to your website.
  • Users browse your website, looking at various products and services.
  • Due to circumstances out of your control, they leave your site and begin to surf the web.
  • On one of their favourite sites or on Facebook, a display ad promotes your website.
  • Recalling the brand, users come back to your site to make the eventual purchase, making the satisfying journey from browser to customer.

Benefits of Retargeting

This form of display advertising provides the ultimate opportunity to encourage new users to become customers, or promote offers to existing customers with cross-sells and up-sells. Pushing products and services has never been easier, and complementing search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and social media with retargeting can help you achieve:

  • Increased Conversion Rates: users researching a product are more inclined to shop around. See the return on your investment from generating traffic by bringing them back to your website.
  • Fight Shopping Cart Abandonment: users comparing different online retailers are more inclined to abandon shopping carts during the purchasing process. Through retargeting, you can target users based on the specific products they have viewed and abandoned. Displaying targeted ads on their favourite sites can encourage them to go back to your site and complete transactions.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: the more your ads are seen, the more likely your brand will be recalled by users. Even if users are just comparing alternatives or searching for information, increasing the amount of times your brand is exposed to a target audience will ultimately lead to sales.
  • Leverage the Power of Social Media: retargeting users on Facebook can prove to be very advantageous as you can market your brand through news feed ads or display advertisements on the right hand side of Facebook. With Twitter also introducing the ability to retarget users through third party providers, you can now remarket to users on two of the largest social media sites on the web.