SEO Brand Expands the Digital Frontier, One consumer at a time.

I am flattered and humbled to announce that SEO Brand has been named the TOP SEO Agency in America by It is largely thanks to the hard work and diligence of the employees of SEO Brand who work tirelessly to produce the best quality of work for our clients. SEO Brand employees know and understand that “Excellence” is not something to be achieved, but something to strive for in everything we do, every single day. To SEO Brand, excellence is not a “Goal”, but a CHOICE that we must make on every task that is assigned to us.

One of our clients recently asked me; “What makes SEO Brand the best SEO agency in America? What sets you apart from all the others?”

After thinking about it for a moment I answered her; “What makes us exceptionally good at what we do, aside from having the technical knowledge required for SEO, is that we know how to answer “The Question”. Naturally, she asked “What question is that?” Here was my reply:

What is the most important question in SEO?

No matter what business you are in or industry you are a part of, you need to provide something to your consumers or to the businesses that hire your services. So regardless of product or service, you have consumers who are looking for what you are selling. So the logical thing to do, which is what almost all businesses do, is to present your services or products in the best light possible and hope that your consumers will purchase your product or service.

In doing so, businesses usually only answer “Part of the question” but not the “entire question”. So the end result will invariably be that consumers will be forced to shop around for the answer to “The Question.” until they find it and then make their decision based on their particular needs.

“So what’s “The Question”?!” You still haven’t figured it out? Ok then, I will keep going.

Every consumer starts off with a basic requirement or need or want or several wants and needs and requirements. This is THE fundamental fact about all business that has ever been done since the concept of business was first invented 1000’s of years ago. Someone has a need and someone else has the solution. Hence, business can be done. Everything else is just details.

Consumers will ask a million questions and make a million comments and they will all have their own opinion on how things should be done. All consumers however start off with one very important question that trumps all other considerations.

 “What do I want, need and/or require?” (No, that’s not “The Question.”. But nice try. 😉

Everything that comes after that question is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Details. Opinions. Concerns. Assumptions. Conclusions. Illusions. Prejudice. Preconceptions. Bad advice. Misinformation. Valuable information. Facts. Figures. Negotiations. Research. Price comparison. Finally, Budgeting.

“SO WHATS “THE QUESTION” DAVE!!?” LOL. OK OK! I will tell you.

The Question is… “How does YOUR product or service get ME what I want, need or require?

This question is asked by all consumers. They will ask, sometimes silently or by beating around the bush. Sometimes, they will attempt to discover the answer on their own. But most of the time, they will search for the answer to their question privately and when they don’t find the answer they will simply move on to another business who has answered their question, the WAY that they need to hear the answer.

No consumer in the world CARES about what other consumers are looking for. They only care about finding the answer to “The Question.”; “Does your product get me what I want, need or require for a price that I am willing to pay.” Most of the time, consumers are forced to buy the product that answers only part of “The Question.” because something is better than nothing.

The Discovery Process

At SEO Brand, we have a process called “The Discovery Process”. We research your business, products, competitors, and pricing, the quality of your product or service and the industry your business belongs to. This is very common and nothing particularly out of the ordinary. Clients expect this of us and assume it’s part of our process.

However after we are done researching the KNOWN elements of your business and industry we turn our attention to your “Target Market” and discern the typical “Demographics of your consumers”. We discover who your typical consumers are and most important of all, we research and discover ALL of “The Questions” that they are most likely to ask of you and your business.

Each “Type” of consumer in your target market will most likely have very similar wants, needs and requirements. The challenge is to discover what those requirements are and then to produce answers to EVERY possible “Question” that will prevent OR encourage your consumers to purchase YOUR product or service, over that of your competitors.

The Content

So the obvious question now is “How does SEO Brand decide which questions to answer?” To us that’s the easy part! Once we have a list of all the concerns and problems that the typical consumers are faced with, we construct a “Content Matrix and Strategy” to answer ALL of the questions that will impact the decision making process in any way shape or form.

Now you are probably thinking; “But that is a LOT of content! No one is EVER going to read ALL of that content.” Everyone at SEO Brand completely agrees with you!

No one consumer will ever:

  1. Have a reason to read ALL of the answers to;
  2. All of the questions that;
  3. All of YOUR target consumers are;
  4. Going to need the answers to.

So why would we answer all of the questions? Even if the answers may swing the deciding factor of purchase in to your favor. There is still too much information to search through…

THAT is where “Search Engine Optimization” A.K.A “SEO”, gets its name! Why do you think Google is one of the most successful businesses in the world today? Because they will always help you find the answer to “THE QUESTION”. Google is so good at their job, that businesses MUST follow their example and provide the answer to the ONLY question that actually matters. YOUR QUESTION. Your consumer’s individual question is the ONLY question that matters to completing any sale of any product or service.

So, yes, we will write 1000’s of words of content on each page of your website to answer as many of “The Questions” as we can, concerning your products and/or services.

We obviously try to answer only the questions that are directly relevant to the decision making process of the consumers. However, we refuse to limit ourselves to a small word count on the “Off Chance” that a reader may want to read the whole article from beginning to end. At SEO Brand we do not write articles that we expect consumers to read from top to bottom. We expect readers to search for the parts of the articles that answers “Their Question”. We KNOW that once they have found the answer to their particular requirement, they will stop reading and simply purchase your product or service. That doesn’t offend us! We are completely ok with our consumers getting what they need from us and moving right along.

The Digital Frontier

So in conclusion, I can’t say that we are the “Best” SEO Agency in America. What I can say is that our discovery, strategy and implementation process will take us FAR BEYOND what is generally known and accepted about your business, products and industry. We will always take our clients to the frontiers of their industries and we will help them become the most useful company on the market, if not the biggest.

Once we have travelled along the road knowledge to the very end of the road, we often find ourselves alone in the barren wasteland of the “Unknown” and “The Undiscovered”. When we look around us for our competition or our peers in your particular industry, we will find that there no else around us for miles on end.

At that point we will stand with you side by side at the edge of knowledge, and we will stare into the darkness together and ask “THE QUESTION”. When the void answers with silence, which is where our journey will begin. That is where we will make our stand together and create the best possible answer, the ONLY available answer, to the “The Question”.