Youtube and the marketing advantage of the amateur


    In Early 2011, WWE Superstar Zack Ryder could have very well been on the chopping block. Lost in the shuffle of dark matches it was slim pickings with television time coming fewer and farther between, only gaining opportunities as an enhancement talent? at the expense of his own image. It?s not like the spiked hair, intentional Long Island accent, bright orange tights, cheap sunglasses and urge to fist-pump to a music variety ranging from the Backstreet Boys to Bierber?literally?helped. Don?t get me started on his catchphrase?still annoying to this day. You would think he?d be a rip-off of Jersey Shore, but he actually had the gimmick before the show ever even aired. (more…)

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    Panda power staying on top of seo with googles changes

    The talk about how Google works is only set to thicken. More than a search service, Google has become a cultural phenomenon. It?s in our phones scanning bar codes at stores for price comparisons, in our GPS devices as they tell us where to turn, in our mustaches for the month of November to help combat Prostate Cancer and in our ears with an almost infinite collective of videos featuring Lady Gaga and Adele covers. Even if you don?t have a smart phone, or need a GPS to get where you need to be, already have a face full of fur regardless of what time of the year, and if?like me? you?re not a fan of mainstream music and know Adele is a great singer who has more than just two songs. On either extreme Google is everywhere. (more…)

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    Standing out isnt in the how to it’s the want to

    I recall sitting at a meeting a few years back. It was a one-on-one conversation in regards to an online service we were providing for a major website. In this conversation that occurred over coffee cups and cans of Slice, I went on a rant about how the site was no longer fun and how we were only doing the same things over and over. He sat there across from me, arms-crossed with a stare toward the corner of the room just silently listening. I could see from the form of his forehead chasing the corner of the room with an aimless stare that he was labeling my insight useless. I shook my head, sitting up on the table and staring at the afternoon sun began it’s descent and said, “Why are people even on the site anyway?” Of course, looking around the office, the pay we received, and the fact that our product was noticeable and recognized not to mention a reliable service tailored for it’s demographic, and we were awesome with SEO services, the answer was present for us. But was it? (more…)

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    The Social Media Manifesto

    Since the early 90s, with its BBS and Geocities and AIM, to now, with everything from FourSquare to Facebook, social media has not just boomed, but expanded exponentially. It is because of this expansion that social media has generated a new kind of user: a sharer, an obsessive, a friend to all. Forms of stalking have become near-acceptable. Personal business is now publicized. We know what the Internet world is eating, what they’re listening to, where they are, and how they’re feeling.

    As a company of social media users, we need boundaries and rules to abide by, the basic social building blocks meant to apply the 3 E’s of social media optimization: to entertain, to enhance, and to educate.

    social media manifesto


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    Open Up: How to Start Having Social Media Conversations

    OK, so you’re social media-ed out. You had to make a Facebook page, a Twitter account. You’ve joined Instagram and Tumblr, and now LinkedIn, FourSquare, and YouTube. Not only do you have to create these pages, but you have to update them with content and profile pics and cover photos. You have to build a follower base and link them to your websites.

    And now you have to start conversations on each and every one of them? 

    social media conversations


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    Redesign and the Road to Modernization: 5 Questions Every Company Should Ask


    When it comes to redesign, a company has to take a lot into consideration?everything from timely design to quality content. But how are you supposed to know when it?s time to make the change? Companies, you should be asking five major questions when you look at your website:

    1. Is my design a beeper or a smartphone?

    With design capabilities improving daily, design options have become diverse and amazingly multifunctional. Take advantage of modern tech and make a site interactive. Have a user interface that is more Angry Birds than Pong. Users want color and an interface they can happily use?seeking modernization, a company should be strutting their visual stuff. (more…)

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    7 Best Practices for Managing Your Facebook Business Page

    For many businesses, social media is a big mystery. Many businesses cannot see the value in it and so they throw it to the side. That is a mistake. Millions of potentials customers use social media every day to connect with family, friends, and business. A business that fails to include social media in their marketing plans is missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with their customers and secure new ones.

    For businesses that want to begin adding social media to their marketing plans might wonder how to use social media to benefit their business best. To start, businesses must familiarize themselves with some of the best Facebook practices in the business.



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    How to Boost Your Holiday Social Media Posts

    The most wonderful time of the year is here! The holidays are almost upon us, ready to knock on our door. Many businesses are pumping out discounts, coupons, and products onto their social channels, all trying to compete for the attention of their customers.

    Of course, this can be no surprise. The holiday season is one of the biggest seasons for businesses in the country. Social media has become very important because of its unique way to connect to customers directly. That is why businesses should seriously consider how to take advantage of social media. The kinds of posts you post on your channel can make or break your social media traffic this holiday season. SEO Brand is proud to offer some tips on social media posts this holiday season.

    If you want to end the year on a strong note, these tips might help.



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    Shaping Toward New SEO Services

    Do you see what difference 8 years can make? Here’s a comparison between the 2005 and 2013 Papal Confirmations posted on today’s NBC News and The Associated Press wires:


    This image in no way aims to offend or criticize, nor does it have anything to do with the old Pope or the new Pope, but what this news image does, rather, is provide a direct and objective illustration of the world that’s unfolding before our very eyes. The internet is no longer the internet. Gone are the high school days of me rambling about my past girlfriend issues over Livejournal, and in its place a new reality of a 30-pounds heavier me FourSquaring from my favorite food truck while Yelp-ing where to take the current girlfriend out for dinner. The internet is no longer restrained to a hardwired connection, for many of us it’s ingrained in our DNA. (more…)

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