5 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

    If you’re a company who wants to use Twitter for business, it’s easier than you think to get started.

    Twitter was created based on the idea of using an SMS (short messaging service) site which limits the number of words to 140, creating a world of short status updates for people to share with their friends and others. Through the successful rise of Facebook Advertising for companies, Twitter’s latest plan seems to involve tailoring its applications to make the site more business friendly.

    Whether you’ve seen the results for yourself or not, Twitter is starting to earn real revenue for users. The social networking site, founded in 2006, seems to have been a little slower on the uptake of tailoring their site towards money making endeavors. However, they have found their footing in offering companies the opportunity to not only engage with their audience in real time but encourage sales, too. SEO Brand will show you 5 innovative ways to use Twitter for your business.

    Twitter For Business


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    The 5 Pillars of Social Media Success

    OK, so you may feel social media-ed out. You had to make a Facebook page and a Twitter account. You’ve joined Instagram and LinkedIn. Now you have a YouTube channel. Not only do you have to create these pages, but you have to update them with┬áthe correct information and link them back to your website or e-commerce site.

    And now you have to start conversations on each of these platforms?

    Businesses that do not have a social media department or in-house expert traditionally build the foundation for these pages but rarely follow through at all. However, retaining a strong social media presence is more than just “having” these pages. If you are unsure how to manage your social media processes, SEO Brand has laid out 5┬ápillars of social media success that you can easily implement.

    social media success


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    7 Best Practices for Managing Your Facebook Business Page

    For many businesses, social media is a big mystery. Many businesses cannot see the value in it and so they throw it to the side. That is a mistake. Millions of potentials customers use social media every day to connect with family, friends, and business. A business that fails to include social media in their marketing plans is missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with their customers and secure new ones.

    For businesses that want to begin adding social media to their marketing plans might wonder how to use social media to benefit their business best. To start, businesses must familiarize themselves with some of the best Facebook practices in the business.



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