Panda power staying on top of seo with googles changes

    The talk about how Google works is only set to thicken. More than a search service, Google has become a cultural phenomenon. It?s in our phones scanning bar codes at stores for price comparisons, in our GPS devices as they tell us where to turn, in our mustaches for the month of November to help combat Prostate Cancer and in our ears with an almost infinite collective of videos featuring Lady Gaga and Adele covers. Even if you don?t have a smart phone, or need a GPS to get where you need to be, already have a face full of fur regardless of what time of the year, and if?like me? you?re not a fan of mainstream music and know Adele is a great singer who has more than just two songs. On either extreme Google is everywhere. (more…)

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    It’s a bird, It’s a plane, No it’s the same word used yesterday how to diversify your content one word at a time


    The words above? You?ve probably seen them before on our site, and every other Web Marketing site on the Internet. Why? Because synonyms are few and far between (scarce, sparse, paltry) or the word just doesn?t have the right sound or meaning or connotation. It?s word choice that makes content often sound so similar on sites that share a common goal or product. It takes a content writer with a little extra time and care to make content spicy. But it?s not just synonyms that are making us sound the same: it?s cliches, metaphorical references to targets and climbing mountains, and the fact that keywords have controlled us like a ventriloquist with a puppet. (more…)

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