Discount Doc Up and Running

    We were pushing the release of one of our integration projects until we realized that something was seriously flawed ? it really wasnt clear on what the site was. Once we added a video spokesperson ( I know, so 3 years ago) the conversion went from 1.5% on lead submits to 3.7%. Not bad for a $100 investment. Point is, sometimes all you need is that little push over the edge to get your message across ? in this case, ?Hey all it takes for a Nose Job is $800!? (more…)

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    Put your company in the LimeLight

    Put your company in the ?Lime Light?: Successfully integrating CRM into your marketing strategy

    SEO Brand is one of the authorized integrators of leading CRM service Lime Light CRM, and their services have been vital to our company. Many companies face challenges, however, when trying to integrate CRM into their marketing strategy. (more…)

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    Panda power staying on top of seo with googles changes

    The talk about how Google works is only set to thicken. More than a search service, Google has become a cultural phenomenon. It?s in our phones scanning bar codes at stores for price comparisons, in our GPS devices as they tell us where to turn, in our mustaches for the month of November to help combat Prostate Cancer and in our ears with an almost infinite collective of videos featuring Lady Gaga and Adele covers. Even if you don?t have a smart phone, or need a GPS to get where you need to be, already have a face full of fur regardless of what time of the year, and if?like me? you?re not a fan of mainstream music and know Adele is a great singer who has more than just two songs. On either extreme Google is everywhere. (more…)

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    Money-Making Tweets


    Is Twitter finally making money for its users? The social networking site, founded in 2006 around the beginning of the social networking hype, seems to have been a little slower on the uptake of tailoring their site towards money making endeavors. But they finally seem to be offering businesses, and another interesting group of individuals, the opportunity to make some cash. (more…)

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    Be an seo superhero by staying true to the weight of your links

    You don?t need us or a crystal ball to tell you that the Google is growing. Shaping and evolving to redefine relevancy as we know it. Algorithm upon algorithm, search rankings continue to reflect these new learning patterns and those who stay true to building quality links as they are quality relationships will see a rise in the quality of their ranking. Let these changes better your business, by bringing Bing and Google to you. (more…)

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    Will alternative to email wipe out emails usefulness


    These days, it seems like everyone is always talking with someone else through some sort of machine. Care to guess how? If you had guessed ?checking e-mail,? you may actually be wrong. E-mail?s impact has seen an unfortunate decline as e-mail alternatives dominate the competition. Earlier this year, comScore released information that shows that web-based e-mail usage and engagement fell for nearly all age groups. The sharpest downturn was among teenagers 13-17, with a 53% drop in total pages viewed. Overall, people spent 28% less time looking at e-mail when they were on the internet. (more…)

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    Quality Back Linking Has Never Been More Important with Your SEO Services

    Why quality back linking with your SEO services has never been more important than it is today.

    Hey guys, there has never been a more prominent concern and focus being addressed toward quality back-linking services. In lieu of numerous Google updates to the search engine algorithm dictating how results are gathered and displayed in the top ten, and what foments such results to be deemed more relevant by the search engines, when forced to show their cards to the table, numerous shady players of the SEO game saw their rankings plummet when the Panda and Penguin updates were released. (more…)

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    Direct Response landing Pages


    The nutraceutical is a term which comes into existence by combining two words, nutrition and pharmaceutical. In short, it means the food products or food which provides the medical benefits and health benefits including treatment and prevention of disease. There are a huge range of products that is included in nutraceutical such as dietary supplements, engineered foods, processed foods, herbal foods, beverages, soups and cereals. Here the topic of discussion is nutraceutical marketing and it is all about the marketing of nutraceutical products. The nutraceutical products if consumed in an appropriate quantity. (more…)

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    Lets get sticky the practise of pinterest and tipping points for progressand pitbull concerts

    One of 178360_257868840980523_1675129812_o-300x223my favorite alternatives to coffee?and daily inspiration for my damn good writings?Copyblogger had an incredible article earlier today written by Beth Hayden about how Pinterest has changed the way we do business, even managing to uniquely throw Rush Limbaugh under the bus in a non-political fashion in the process. Whether you?re on the left, the right, the really far right, a Bill Maher, a Michael Moore, ¬†an Ann Coulter or Rupert Murdoch the premise begs the question, ?are there actual, concrete steps you can take to make sure your boards and images grab the attention of the audience you?re trying to reach?? (more…)

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