YouTube Video Optimization Tips

    Admit it – we’ve all gotten distracted by YouTube when we’re supposed to be doing something else. If you’ve been caught watching cute animal videos at work, don’t worry! You’re one of the 800 million viewers that use YouTube on a monthly basis.

    YouTube is a rich source of videos, whether you want to be entertained or educated. Between 60-100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, which makes for a lot of browsing. YouTube is an incredibly helpful platform to boost your company’s online presence.

    Getting your video noticed in the midst of the millions of others can seem like a great challenge. Fortunately, there are ways of boosting your videos with search engine optimization (SEO).

    YouTube Video Optimization Tips


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    Promoting Your Kindle Book

    eBooks and eReaders have taken over the market recently. The Kindle, the iPad, and the Nook are all popular choices right now because these platforms allow you to purchase and read books quickly and easily – and without ever leaving the comfort of your living room.

    In fact, according to Amazon, there are roughly 180 digital books purchased for every 100 printed books. Amazon has been the leader in the market with their popular Kindle, pulling 67% of the U.S. market share with the Nook following at 22%.

    If you are an author or content creator, you should also consider working within an eBook format. This new market can bring your content to a whole new range of readers. SEO Brand will now tell you why.

    Promoting Your Kindle Book (more…)

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    Using Google My Business Pages For Local SEO

    Billions of local search queries happen every single month.

    These are searches such as “Cuban Restaurant Miami”, “Dentist San Fransisco”, and “Marketing Companies Dallas”. If you follow your online search engine positioning closely, you will notice that Google has filled the first 5-7 positions on page 1 with a map listing so that users can see the physical locations of suggested companies.

    This also works for “near me” searches without needing to list your specific town, city, or state. For example, “SEO companies near me” or “plumbers near me”.

    These coveted rankings happen because of a feature called Google Places. It is based entirely off of a user’s location because a search such as “local dentist” will always bring up an entirely different result depending on where you live. Google Places becomes active automatically for users who search for local information.

    Your business can gain better local SEO rankings through Google Places with a tool called Google My Business pages. This free tool manages how your company is viewed all across Google. Find out more below.

    Local SEO


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    How to Instantly Increase Conversions on Landing Pages

    For companies that frequently use landing pages to make the majority of their sales, you may not be getting the conversions you want.

    We know that making the perfect landing page is a long process. It’s really the combination of art and science. There are also certain rules that must be followed. Having well-written headlines, consumer-focused design, and just the right sales language from your marketing guru is just the beginning. The entire funnel leading up to the page must also work seamlessly. For this reason, perhaps you’ve given up on using them altogether.

    However, the reason why you need landing pages is that they are made specifically for conversion. Since landing pages capture information about your target audience, there is much to learn from the data you collect. Just remember that it’s worth the time and effort because increased conversions mean more revenue. For this reason, SEO Brand has compiled a short checklist of ways that can increase landing page conversions instantly.

    Increase Conversions


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    How Website Speed Impacts SEO Ranking

    Website speed is a measurement of how fast the pages load on your website or e-commerce site.

    A slow-moving website is actually a common problem among businesses, but many are unsure how to solve this problem, especially is they are afraid of “messing up” already existing features or the SEO that is already implemented.

    However, this is counterintuitive. This is because if a website takes too long to load, your key customers may lose interest and find the same products or services elsewhere. Slow sites may seriously hurt your conversion rates. More than that, did you know that search engines will actually take website speed into account in the ranking process?

    There are ways to ensure that your website speed is not slowing down your sales or your rankings. You may need to sit down with your website developer, designer, and digital marketer so that all of the necessary steps can be taken. Read below to find out more.

    Website Speed


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    Google vs Bing for Search Engine Optimization

    Google vs Bing: once you begin the process of implementing SEO tactics into your website, do you need to tailor your keywords to one search engine over another?

    Of course, Google is the far more popular choice for users online. However, with the growth of the Microsoft Bing, Google’s dominance seems to have been gradually eroded.

    Google vs Bing


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    Improve Your Google Ranking Through Quality Backlinking

    Many businesses have heard of backlinking already. But for many reasons, backlinks have had a poor reputation in the past.

    Perhaps this is because you haven’t actually “seen” the results you wanted from previous backlinking efforts, or because you’ve purchased some cheap links on publishing websites that seemed a bit sketchy. Either way, there’s a wrong way to do backlinking (and this actively hurts your website), and there’s a right way to do it (which helps increase your ranking with Google).

    SEO Brand knows that quality backlinking along with your normally scheduled SEO services has never been more important than it is today.

    Quality Backlinking

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    Finding Profit Through Facebook Advertising

    Social media connects your business with the world.

    It does this in a variety of ways. From simple concepts such as likes, comments, and shares, to more complex features like reviews and calls-to-action, Facebook is truly necessary for brands who want to engage with their audience.

    You may have considered the idea of Facebook advertising in the past, but you’d be surprised at how many times companies place ads without much thought behind them. Perhaps you’ve “boosted” your current posts for $5 or $10 and have seen little to no results. Or you have run real ads before, but did not develop any strategies or put into place best practices for managing your page as a whole.

    There is a lot more to it than that.

    SEO Brand will touch on some of the reasons why Facebook advertising can help your business on a social level. We’ll also provide a few simple steps on how to get organized.

    facebook advertising


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    Placing IM Chat Widgets on Your Website

    If you have not heard about this useful tool before, IM (Instant Messaging) chat widgets are installed in websites that want to offer a better customer service appeal to clients.

    While sending an email can be just as convenient, being able to chat directly with a salesperson can give you an edge over your competition. SEO Brand will outline a few other ways you can use IM chat widgets to increase sales on your website.

    IM Chat Widgets


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