Including enough off page SEO on your website


    As the name reflects, off page SEO includes all the strategies which can be applied anywhere but not at actual website. Some off page SEO techniques may include acquiring back links from the websites that have high PR with relevant anchor text. There are several other techniques which are used for off page SEO. It can be done by creating presence on several social networking websites. One can participate in the forums as an expert, by writing guest posts, bookmarking on StumbleUpon, Digg etc, by submitting in the listing of search engines and directories, via article marketing and several other techniques. On the other hand, the on page optimization include all the techniques which can be applied to meta and text of web pages but it is out of subject, so let?s concentrate on off page optimization. (more…)

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    Link Building with Articles

    There are myriad ways in Search Engine Optimization by which effective links can be built. Article writing is one of them. However, article writing and submission are one of the lesser known and lesser used ones though. However, in every case, Link building with articles is rewarding. There are two reasons why linking with articles always earns. Where on the one hand it is a link building exercise it also is a huge source of traffic. Honestly speaking, Link building with articles is one of the tried and tested ways to attract traffic and help improve search engine visibility. (more…)

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