Redesign and the Road to Modernization: 5 Questions Every Company Should Ask


    When it comes to redesign, a company has to take a lot into consideration?everything from timely design to quality content. But how are you supposed to know when it?s time to make the change? Companies, you should be asking five major questions when you look at your website:

    1. Is my design a beeper or a smartphone?

    With design capabilities improving daily, design options have become diverse and amazingly multifunctional. Take advantage of modern tech and make a site interactive. Have a user interface that is more Angry Birds than Pong. Users want color and an interface they can happily use?seeking modernization, a company should be strutting their visual stuff. (more…)

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    Case Study: CenterPoint Group, Trusted Procurement Advisor


    Based in Princeton, New Jersey, the CenterPoint Group is renowned along the east coast for their ability to provide measureable cost-reduction solutions for companies operating within today?s market. There?s no question as to what the CenterPoint Group does for their clients; the question, rather, is what their website does for its visitors. We set out to create something that better embraces the excellence of the CenterPoint Group, taking a text-based page with very minimal white space, and making it visually dynamic and interactive. This is how we did it: (more…)

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    The Design of Fun and the Video Game User Interface: 4 Tips for Better UI & Site Design

    Website design is a tricky thing. Not because the process is inherently complicated, but because you have to put yourself in a user?s assumed non-techie shoes and be considerate: What will make their life easier? Should that button be at the top of the page where the eyes are not immediately drawn; then have a similar button on the same page? Does the page look cool? What I?m talking about is the user interface?the visual and logic that goes behind the most successful of web pages; how humans interact with tech, from mouse clicks to flashy gifs. (more…)

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