Youtube and the marketing advantage of the amateur


    In Early 2011, WWE Superstar Zack Ryder could have very well been on the chopping block. Lost in the shuffle of dark matches it was slim pickings with television time coming fewer and farther between, only gaining opportunities as an enhancement talent? at the expense of his own image. It?s not like the spiked hair, intentional Long Island accent, bright orange tights, cheap sunglasses and urge to fist-pump to a music variety ranging from the Backstreet Boys to Bierber?literally?helped. Don?t get me started on his catchphrase?still annoying to this day. You would think he?d be a rip-off of Jersey Shore, but he actually had the gimmick before the show ever even aired. (more…)

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    Linking Over Limitations.


    Linking is traffic. Before Google revolutionized the way we search but not too far back to the Steve Jobs with shaggy hair and Oregon Trail days of the information age. A little before eBay and a little after Compuserve. Before Myspace and before Livejournal where we?d all gather and commute on IRC. Before World of Warcraft where all leveling was done through MUCKs and MUDs. The craft of web building and Search Engine Optimization services still primitive. In the infancy of it?s nature like the firing of a 1873 Winchester amidst the Wild West, something the world had not seen before. The internet could easily be spammed with pages throwing links all over the place. The internet unfolded unto it?s own world, and like all things human , she was vulnerable. (more…)

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    It’s a bird, It’s a plane, No it’s the same word used yesterday how to diversify your content one word at a time


    The words above? You?ve probably seen them before on our site, and every other Web Marketing site on the Internet. Why? Because synonyms are few and far between (scarce, sparse, paltry) or the word just doesn?t have the right sound or meaning or connotation. It?s word choice that makes content often sound so similar on sites that share a common goal or product. It takes a content writer with a little extra time and care to make content spicy. But it?s not just synonyms that are making us sound the same: it?s cliches, metaphorical references to targets and climbing mountains, and the fact that keywords have controlled us like a ventriloquist with a puppet. (more…)

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